Little Girls with Bows

Cameron Calvin is a eleven year old geeky girl who's dream was to meet the one and only fifth harmony. The bullies always have a way to get her into trouble and that was the last thing Cameron wanted to do. When she gets caught sneaking out of school with her best friend Bella Austin,she finds that her life's dream comes true as she runs into the one and only Camila Cabello.

A Camila Cabello Story.
copyrighted © by 5H_harmony15


2. The ditch Excuse

The ditch Excuse

We walked out the nurse's office and headed in to the hall. "I can't wear these shoes" I said.She looked away,trying not to laugh.

"It's not funny, Bella"I almost shouted. "Okay"she playfully said.

I walked towards my locker knowing class was about to start. I can't go through this while day wearing bunny slippers.I thought.

I pulled out my algebra book and closed my locker.

"So,maybe we could ditch school?"Bella Says.

I shake my head.

"What if someone see's us?" I told her worriedly.

"No one will do that"she protested.

I sighed as I heard the bell ring."Text you later"she shouts.

I hang my head low and walk fast to cover the black eye. Tomorrow me and Bella were going to a fifth harmony concert. Hopefully, I would get to meet them. I smiled to myself in excitement.

Walking into class,I could feel the stares from the back of my eyes as I walked to the back of the class and sat down.

The teacher came in with her cup of coffee and papers in hand.

Miss.Dallas sat it down and turn to the class. "I've got some tests for you to do and-". I spaced out as I looked down and felt a buzzing vibration from my pocket.

Reaching my hands to my back pocket, I looked to see that I had a text from Bella.

B- meet me in the restroom,now.

C- But why?

B- just come on, I got to tell you something.

C- fine.

I pulled my phone back in my pocket and looked at the time,1:05. We only had three more hours until school was over and sitting here is too boring.

I raised my hand as everyone looked at me, getting a spot to see my black eye and brusied nose.

"Yes, Ms. Calvin?" Miss.Dallas asked.

"C-can I use the restroom, please?" MY nervousness took control of my body making me stuttered.

"Yes,but come back for the test"she replies to me plainly.

Getting up to grab the restroom pass,I slowly and briefly walk out the door after the stares drew their eyes off me. I sighed in relief.

I walked to the sixth grade bathrooms,the halls were quiet and all I heard were teachers voices from inside the classrooms.

I stood outside of the restrooms wondering what Bella needed to tell me,it couldn't be that bad,could it?

I pushed the door open and walked inside. The short dark brown haired girl was looking in the mirror.

I smirked knowing it was Bella. Bella turned to me and grabbed my hand,pulling out the door.

I somehow knew what she was doing. But I said nothing and followed her out the door.

Surprisingly, no one was around.It was a quiet hallway and there was not a single person in sight.

We made it out the school as Bella spanned around.

"We're free!!!" Bella cheered.

I rolled my eyes and realised that Miss.Dallas is probably looking for me.

"Let's go cameron,why stand in front of the school when you just got out?"she Says.

It was a great question. Why was I standing out in front of the school?

But what if we got caught or if someone was suspicous of why we weren't in school.

I followed Bella on the walk to god know where.

"Where should we go?" I said walking backwards. "Anywhere! I don't know" Bella laughed.

I smiled but suddenly I tripped and bumped into a person. I heard a nose before the person caught me me midway,close to falling.

I looked up. Camila? Camila-Cabello is in my arms?I must be dreaming.

I looked at Bella and she was frozen.

I stand up straight,and turn to see my idol smiling at me.

"Are you okay?I'm so sorry,what's your name?"Camila said worriedly. I nodded trying not to fangirl. I can't Believe this, this has to be a dream or luck?

"Your name?" Camilla questioned.

",I'm Cameron and that's my best friend Bella " I told her.

"Do you girls have school? "She asked.I quickly nodded but Bella punched me in the shoulder.

I rubbed my arm while looking at her hurtfullly.

"What are you doing here?"

"Uh....going to Iraq-sick " both me and Bella answered her.

She bursted out laughing. "Don't worry, you want to come with me,I need help on something " She said. We squealed,looking at each other then nodding our heads.

"Okay. The mall we go then" Camila Says.

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