Little Girls with Bows

Cameron Calvin is a eleven year old geeky girl who's dream was to meet the one and only fifth harmony. The bullies always have a way to get her into trouble and that was the last thing Cameron wanted to do. When she gets caught sneaking out of school with her best friend Bella Austin,she finds that her life's dream comes true as she runs into the one and only Camila Cabello.

A Camila Cabello Story.
copyrighted © by 5H_harmony15


4. Lucky girl in Burning Fire

Lucky girl in Burning Fire

"AAH!" I yelled.

Camila laughed and Bella was already on the floor. I sighed.

"It's not that funny" I had tripped over heels Camila made me try on.

"Camryn just laugh at yourself, you know it's funny" Bella said. I roll my eyes, taking this joking very seriously. 
Camila came towards us with clothes in bags. "I paid for everything and your shoes. I have to meet the girls" she gave me and Bella the bags of clothes.

"Thanks can we please get your phone number" I pleaded. Camila laughed.

"Sure" We gave her our phones and typed in all the girls phone number.

I think I'm gonna have a heart attack.

Bella squealed. We walked out the mall and she smiled.

"See ya later" she said giving us a hug. We smiled before walking.

Bella and I were still shocked.

"Still can't believe I talked to camila" Bella told me.

"I can't believe that I was even that lucky. I we'd get into trouble ditching school" We looked at each other and laugh.

"Bye,Camy" Bella said parting ways with me.

I shouted bye her way and she waved.

I then remembered tomorrow was Saturday.

I opened my door knowing I'm alone again.

Dad was probably on one of his business trips.

As I eat leftover pizza, Polar came over to me wearing his begging face.

"No!" I demanded giving him the mean look.

Polar jump on my bed and cried numerous times. Oh! I give up.

I simply gave Polar the rest of my pizza.

The happy puppy took the pizza and ran off somewhere. I laid down and closed my eyes to sleep.


Despite the pain and the shock. I woke up surprised to find that I could think incredibly clearly.

My skin was tingling. It stung and stung with no end.

My eyes burned from the smoke that filled the air and my lungs ached from lack of fresh air.

The first thought that came to my mind was fire.

I frantically glanced around, all I saw was flames. I could hear the crackling of the fire,yes, but louder than anything else was the pounding of my heart.

I quickly stood up touching the floor with no fire. My heart started beating faster and faster, until I wasn't sure if it was beating so fast it was a continuous him or if it had stopped altogether.

I heard Polar's barking and whimpering.

"I'm coming Polar" I yelled slowly moving to the next room. I picked up Polar and hold him tightly in my arms.

I had no way to get downstairs and away from the fire, but I know the neighbors next door would be calling 911.

Tears rolled down my eyes as I thought about killing myself. I looked around finding nothing, so I sat in the middle of the fire.

It was surrounding me. I looked at my hand; the skin was darkening.

Watching it burn was almost as bad as feeling it. I was sure I would be dead in minutes, but I still couldn't help wondering how long I had been lying here burning. It couldn't have been long, but it felt like forever. Still,a glimmer of hope kept me thinking that it would stop soon.

That I would live through this torture and everything would return to normal, when I still had my best friends since preschool, and both of my parents home.

It was then that everything went black.


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