Little Girls with Bows

Cameron Calvin is a eleven year old geeky girl who's dream was to meet the one and only fifth harmony. The bullies always have a way to get her into trouble and that was the last thing Cameron wanted to do. When she gets caught sneaking out of school with her best friend Bella Austin,she finds that her life's dream comes true as she runs into the one and only Camila Cabello.

A Camila Cabello Story.
copyrighted © by 5H_harmony15


3. Fashion Lessons

Fashion Lessons


"So, I need help on what to buy for Lauren's birthday" we were in Wet Seal, a clothes store in the mall. Camila showed me a black crop top with bright silver letters that said "1975" on it, and white shorts along with a gold necklace.

"Maybe she could like these" I simply showed her a black dress with a pink bow as a belt around the dress.

Camila looked at the outfit weirdly and shook her head.

"But She would love the dress" I said hold it up to her face.

Bella walks over and puts her hand over my shoulder.

"Are you sure your a Harmonizer?" I laughed, moving her arm away from me.

"Why would you say that?"

"Because your holding that outfit which Lauren probably won't like in Camila's face, and I'm sure a harmonzier knows every style Fifth Harmony likes" she, then grabbed Camila's chosen outfit and they went to go pay for it.

What style? All I see is five girls wearing what the fashion world tells them to wear.

I laugh to myself while random teens starred.

"Come on,Cameron. We're going to show you what actual fashion looks like" Camila tells me.

I groan and let her pull me out of Wet Seal. Bella took us inti Love Cuture, the pop cultures second most girly store in the mall.

The first is obviously forever 21,but I prefer Wet Seal. Its my favorite.

"Camy snap out of your daydream" Camila tells me.

I look around finding the usual and the usual heart shaped seat. I was about to sit down on it until Bella pulled me up and walked us towards the dressing room.

Camila handed me a pile of clothes and sent me in the small room. "Change now" Bella demanded.

Rolling my eyes, I closed the door and began with the first outfit, short white shorts with ripped parts at the bottom and a pink crop top with a silver diamond in the middle along with that came a white leather jacket and white 5" heels. I had no idea fashion lessons would be this....bad and obviously I'd get an F for the whole freaking class.

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