Little Girls with Bows

Cameron Calvin is a eleven year old geeky girl who's dream was to meet the one and only fifth harmony. The bullies always have a way to get her into trouble and that was the last thing Cameron wanted to do. When she gets caught sneaking out of school with her best friend Bella Austin,she finds that her life's dream comes true as she runs into the one and only Camila Cabello.

A Camila Cabello Story.
copyrighted © by 5H_harmony15


1. Bunny Slippers and a black eye

Bunny Slippers and a black eye

The walls were brightly yellow,the lockers seem to spin,everyone around me laughed when Olivia Stevens pushed me against the lockers. If it wasn't for my smart mouth,I wouldn't be in this position.

Her bright green eyes stared into mine like it was a sign of my death that was about to happen.

My body shook at her touch.She tightly gripped my neck trying to choke me. I closed my eyes and waited for my presence of fatality .

Oh,Cameron! Your so stupid!

I told myself in my mind. "D-Don't hurt me" I whisper stuttered, Olivia smiled.

"Don't worry, it will be quick and painful" she whispered back. My body shook and my breath shortened as I felt two painful punches to my face.

It was so hard that I fell to the floor and blacked out.

"Cameron,we have to go"Olivia said. I raced downstairs with my backpack around my shoulders and my lunch box in my hand. Olivia pulled me out the door with her and dragged me to school.

The first day of school was my favorite day; The day we meet knew friends,no homework,and part is we're up a grade in school.

We skipped to class and said our good bye as we split apart, going to different classes.


Me and Olivia were friends back then. We were like sticks and stones. No one broke our friendship away, until I met Bella, the second month of school.

We became best friends in a heartbeat, with Olivia always hearing us talk about everything we had in common,I wouldn't say Olivia got a little jealous. I would say she grew more jealous than I thought. She turned on me and by middle school, Olivia was the most popular girl,everyone laid eyes on her rich brown hair,perfect curls, and bright green eyes and thought she was the most prettiest,nicest girl you ever met,but it's nothing but lies.

It's all an act she plays, just to get what she wants. AND she uses me as a target,she plays me like a poker card just to get me in trouble and laughs in my face then she turns around just to beat me up.

I've always wonder one thing; was I a bad friend?but how?

The thing is I never knew, I became scared of her and everyone she would walk down the hall, I'd scurry away like a scared rat being chase by a cat. If she asked to be my friend again, I'd say "no,not after what you did to me".

I wake up in the nurses office feeling the worst pain in my nose and eye. I put my hand on my eye and groaned like a whiny baby.

Bella comes over to me putting a ice pack on my eye.

"She punched you harder this time"Bella tells me.

"You were asleep since first period and it's lunch time now"Bella hops on the small bed I am laying on and looked on her phone.

I'm glad I had Bella as a best friend instead of the jealous Olivia. I hated her.

Bella frowned with a sigh.

"What?what's wrong?" I said nervously.

"Someone posted you getting punched online,their are already a million views, if I find this person I will seriously strangle them till they-".

"No Bella. It's not worth It everyone hates me and my idols probably too"I said looking down sadly.

"Don't say that,you don't know that because you haven't met your idols yet"She stated

I half smiled and tried to hug her,but my nose was hurting.

Bella laughed out loud,I looked at her in confusion. "WHAT?" I asked.

"I guest the nurse switched out your shoes when you were asleep"

I groaned. Can this say get any worse? The nurse walked in with a plastic jar of dum dums, Snickers,and starburst.

My eye's widen. "Candy!" I squealed a little to loud to make the nurse jump and drop the jar.Luckily,it was closed. I ran over and picked it up before she could bend down.

I opened the jar and took a handful of dum dums and handed the jar back to nurse Wilson.

She looked at me speechless as I gave Bella one and put the rest of the candy into my jacket pocket,then sucked on one myself.

Suddenly, I remembered the shoes.

I looked down and gasped.

"Where are my shoes?"I asked."I threw them away, the blood from your nose got on your shoes"Nurse Wilson said.

I groaned as I looked at the bunny slippers on my feet.

"Where'd you get those shoes?" Bella asked.

"The lost and found. Why? Is there a problem? " The nurse asked.

I shook my head and walked to get my backpack.

"Here's a pass to go back to class "She said handing both if us tardy slips.

I trotted out the door with Bella behind me.

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