There Is Nothing Left


1. There Is Nothing Left

Can't they see you're breaking?
No tears of faking,
You're heart is bleeding,
You're mind- is grieving.
You're soul is torn into,
Shattered by everyone,
Taken for granted, used,
Forced to put up with neglect and abuse.

Walls so tall and still,
Cracked in lines from start to end,
Crumbling under pressure,
Turned to ruble.
There's nothing left but a mess of dust,
Left out in the rain to rust,
Washing away the evidence of sorrow.
You're a broken melody, out of tune,
You're strings that held firm and strong were cut to soon.

There is nothing left.

There is but the aftermath of pain.
Broken cries traveling through the air into the night,
Carried with the wind, still heard,
Reminding you of the torture you endured,
When there was not anything worth fighting for,
There was no fight left inside of you,
When there was nothing you could do.
But give up and fall to your knees on the ground,
You're screams were the only sound.

Can't they see what you're going through?
Even as tears roll down you're face,
They think of you as a disgrace,
As weak, and never strong,
Can't they see.....

They are wrong.

You're so much more than their eyes can see,
They don't even try,
When humanity is full of deceit, know nothing but lie,
Uncaring, unkind,
With a one track mind.
Because when it comes to a stranger they don't care, they turn their back and walk away,
Silence is all you hear, they have nothing to say,
Their hearts cold, continuously stray.

Leaving you alone with darkness, as they block out you're cry for help,
All you can do,
is reach out, hoping for someone to take your hand,
Bring you to you're feet, to help you stand.
Wondering if there is anyone that understands,
The heartache you feel,
That feels, so unbelievably real.
Pain so remarkably intense it could kill.

When there is nothing left-

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