I Will Always Love You


1. I Will Always Love You

I remember,
When I was younger,
I always had a light,
To shine my way through the dark.

A way back when I felt lost.
An arrow to point me in the right direction.
Back to the sun of brighter days.
Back to the warmth...of it’s hot rays.

Where the darkness could not touch.
Where my fears were buried along with my worries.
When my heart was strong and pure.
Back when I knew I was sure.

About the person I am,
Or came to be.
How to handle things,
When I was able to see.

Has I got older,
I was not as sure anymore,
And I not only questioned all the things around me,
But myself as well.

I thought I knew what love was.
At least I do know when my heart beats with the right tune,
Because one knows when that feeling is real,
Because that’s when the heart knows how it feels.

When it pictures you,
With me as we hold one another in our arms,
Just to know that you are there,
Is an image the heart holds on to.

When it knows it was the last time.
When you are no longer near.
So it holds on to an image that’s happened before,
Hoping for more.

Knowing its a silly dream,
When that love was not as it came to seem.
So it shuts down when someone gets to close,
Afraid of going through the same phase.

Of him saying -I love you.
It does not know what is true.
Because it is easy to fall in love,
And harder to fall out of it.

I know how I feel,
But I am not sure if I know what love really is,
When I have not felt it back,
Only its fatal sting

When you said I was the love of you’re life,
I thought I knew,
Just how it feels to be in someones line of sight,
That this could have been right.

Me and you, together,
Little did I know that if I closed my eyes,
That moment would fade,
And make me think its just a dream my heart made.

That it did not happen.
You did not come in to my life just to leave,
With the same goodbye everyone has been through at least once,
Just to steal my heart, just to break it with one simple word.

But it was real and I was broken,
Before I knew what had happened,
I was on my knees in tears,
It awoken my worst fear.

When one moment you were there,
The next you were gone,
And I was writing my own tragic song,
Just wishing you would come back to me.

For some reason I can not take you out of my mind.
You are in my thoughts everyday,
So what can I say?
That is just my love never fading.

For you it stays,
Ever beating so strong.
Even when I tell myself to feel for you is wrong,
It seems my heart never listens.

Instead it holds you close and dear,
Thinking of you as it once did,
In a bright light of compassion,
Crying in sorrow at the mention of you’re name.

Forever caught in a loop,
Of an endless cycle of hope,
That one day it will see you again,
In the end.

Let the curtain come down for now,
Until the spotlight is set,
I have not one regret,
When I say,

I will always love you.

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