Now I See

My eyes have finally opened


1. Now I See

It is funny how my heart learned to still,
Suppress the ability to feel.
Not completely broken,
But was not able to heal,
So it shut down.
I went from a smile,
To a deep frown.

With each breath,
It missed a beat,
After taking such a harsh defeat.
So it was left to retreat,
To a darkened place.
To masking my true face.

Yet, when you get close,
Comes a change in my hearts rhythm.
For just a moment it beats fast,
In anticipation? Longing?
I'm not sure,
But, maybe it was the cure,
That my heart,
Needed from the very start.

Your eyes so beautifully blue,
Reflects you.
Your soul is as pure as light,
And as blinding as the sun.
I can see it in your eyes.
The love you hold so deep,
Wishing to make that first leap.

What's this feeling?
The moment my breathing hitches and my chest aches.
When my eyes widened as you step closer,
And you stop to stand right in front of me.
Its the moment I see,
We are alone.
Its just you and me.

Your hand rests upon my face.
Why does that simple action make my heart race.
The feel of your skin is soft and warm.
The butterflies in my belly swarm.
I can't take this feeling so unfamiliar,
Yet I can't step away,
Frozen in place, I don't move, I stay.

Then you kiss my lips gently.
I can't move.
Something inside me changes,
Simply forms and rearranges.
A new found emotion,
Sent into a course of motion.
Darkness turns to light,
It feels so right.

I let go of all the pain, the hate.
It wasn't, after all, to late.
I finally see,
I'm where I am suppose to be,
And there was even a chance for me,
To find love again when it was lost.
I was able to move forward again.

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