Watch and read as romance blossoms between an attractive taxi driver and a 2nd year college student who works excessively to make ends meet. {-More description will develop as the story progress's-}


1. Chapter 1

"Where to, Miss?" The driver addressed me as I looked through my wallet of bills of one's.

"7044 Key West Avenue, Please," I quickly answered under my heaving breath as I closed the door shut.

The driver had a masculine jawbone that was well shaped by his long, black wavy hair and his deep, blue eyes, which was exceedingly focused on the road, were of the deepest of blues. As he turned into a street, I noticed a silver ring with another black ring around it with a small skull symbol that remained in the center. As my eyes cruised away from his hand, I saw the meter rising towards all the cash I had.

"Would it be possible for you to stop here? It seems I don't have enough cash to pay you for the remaining distance," I looked down into my crying wallet and then our eyes met when I looked into his rear view mirror that revealed the hidden face of this dangerous looking man.

It was said that no one can ever look perfect, but this man possessed the features of perfection. But his beastly stare entitled him to this as a strip of hair fell in front of his right eye. It was hard to keep my eyes off of him when he smiled and looked back towards the road that I had found to be very familiar. He was taking me to my destination.

"It's fine, Miss. I'm in a good mood today. Don't worry about a measly four dollars. In fact, on the house," He pressed a button on the meter that reset the meter back to zero. Right after he reset the meter, we were already pulling into my destination.

"Please, let me repay you. Here's my number and this is my address," I handed him a card I keep handy in case of emergencies like this. But in case he refused, I took one of his business cards that was neatly placed in the basket on the back of the seat and placed it in my wallet, "Call me whenever you are available, thank you,"

Before I could hear his response, I rushed to my front door while searching quickly for my keys. After I found my keys, I turned to look back out of curiosity to see that he was already gone. There was a rush of excitement that caused my adrenaline to spiral out of control as I entered my house and slid against the door. I was falling towards the ground. I sat there in amaze to which I thought of how such a good looking man could be a cab driver.

"Never mind that," I shook the feeling from my head and raced to the kitchen with the loud sounds of my stomach screaming out in hunger.

I drowned myself with self study to promote early knowledge in high hopes of passing the end of semester exam, but I could not shake the feeling and concern I had towards the generous person that helped me out today.

"No matter what, he will receive my gratitude," I announced with determination before I remembered that I had to work after school tomorrow, "Why does it seem like payday is a universe away right now?"

I put enough cash in my wallet from my piggy bank to ensure that I would get to school, work and finally back home without any money issues. My thoughts trailed back to him. Why can't I stop thinking about him like some sick girly girl dreamer? I laughed to myself until I fell asleep without predicting what tomorrow may bring.

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