Just me

(this I wrote a long time ago I no no that good AT ALL)
The bad and the good in life. In this you will get to no me. And all my stooped problems.
Problems that moist people. Don't have but sum do. It's just my story's. And the more I look I see.
That ever one has there own story. its just a mater if they till it or not.


17. Whe

Do you ever fill like a wast of spase? like it's not worth it to breath.

Everyone left why do you haft to stay? Why do you haft to be the one that fill's pane all the time?

Why can't you be like ever butty ill's? 

Why do you haft to be the when that love's, the pane that you get when you take that razer to you're skin. to set down in the shower and woch the blood drip.

Try to forget all of you're mistakes. To forget that they hate you, that you will never be part of that agen. 

That you will never have that agen, its all goon you no its for the best but you do not care.

You just won't it back, they do not get it you no that but you can't fight the way that you fill.

The's thought's are slowly ceiling you in side....they hate you that's all you need to no.

that's all that matter's now:(  


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