Just me

(this I wrote a long time ago I no no that good AT ALL)
The bad and the good in life. In this you will get to no me. And all my stooped problems.
Problems that moist people. Don't have but sum do. It's just my story's. And the more I look I see.
That ever one has there own story. its just a mater if they till it or not.


10. ME

People think I'm perfect  but I'm far from it...You think I'm pretty??

But to me I'm the ugliest thing I see...You think you no me but you don't....

And if you say you do you are  lieng....To your self..because:(

I'm really not...I..


But you think that's bad I'm gay...

Do you till think I'm perfect??

Do you still think I'm pretty?

Do you still think you no me?

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