Just me

(this I wrote a long time ago I no no that good AT ALL)
The bad and the good in life. In this you will get to no me. And all my stooped problems.
Problems that moist people. Don't have but sum do. It's just my story's. And the more I look I see.
That ever one has there own story. its just a mater if they till it or not.


20. her thoughts

You had no time that's o'k. She has no time for your stooped game's.You had no time for her. Will you did not no but she gave up on life.Be cause of you. She tries to stop her self. From crying every night.But she can't fight it. So to stop thinking of you. she goes to a knife.She cuts her rest. To stop the pane of thinking of you. She fill's so alone.But you see that knife is her only friend. every one lift her. Her dad shot her mom one she was ten. so her dad is in prison.So she lives with a nice family. A family of ate and yet she still fills alone. They do not no her. They never have shes fifteen. and they still do not no her. And they never will. Cause to day to night. will be the last time she will see them. the last time they will haft to look at her. and the sad thing is shes not sad at all. shes happy to go so as she take a knife to her rest. and goes deeper and deeper as she falls to the ground. shes happy that her thought they start to go she sees nothing now its all goon.And she take's her last breath. It's all black now she's goon.

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