Just me

(this I wrote a long time ago I no no that good AT ALL)
The bad and the good in life. In this you will get to no me. And all my stooped problems.
Problems that moist people. Don't have but sum do. It's just my story's. And the more I look I see.
That ever one has there own story. its just a mater if they till it or not.


14. Good bye

I can't...It's to herd that touch..made my world foll dawn...I don't think I can last a nether day:(

It's to herd to be here and not see you...But I'm glad I got to see you agen..even if it was for a bet.

That last hug wee had... I don't no if you now but I cried last night I miss you...

I dropped my friends..Even the one's I care about..Will now I have no one..

But hay I won't need them were I'm going..Even if they were here it's not like they would care..

And for the one's how reed this sorry I did not last longer but I no even if you tried to save me i was to gon to be save so good bye to you all im sorry but life is to herd to do   

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