The Victim // fivesos

"When these people bully me, I don't want to become the victim or bystander. I want to become the bully."

(it was still Unity Day when I published this)


2. Chapter One, Part One

Back to school, eighth grade, 2011. I dressed in my classic outfit; jeans and a t-shirt. Everyone else dressed in their usual, too, except for the girls it was basically something perky and cute, and for the guys it was basically something hot and noticeable. My first class is Pre-Algebra, and I'm headed there now. I walk the halls of my eighth grade peers, and some of them were actually my friends. Hint the word 'were'.

That's right. I used to have friends. Hopefully someone will come to this school and be just what I am. A victim.

A victim towards bullying, to be exact. Everyone just bullies me because of how I look, my disabilities, and basically for being me. They bully me for my expressions, my clothing styles, and basically everything about me. Overall, I'm just a mistake in life. I wasn't meant to be in this world. I'm just a waste of space and matter. Mistakes are supposed to be corrected. Well, sometimes that isn't always true, because, well I wasn't fixed to be a normal person. I have skin discoloration, lung cancer, and I'm blind out of one eye. I've gotten used to that... I just haven't got used to the voice in my head that's telling me that I'm a useless waste of time, space, and matter. And sometimes, I believe it.

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