My thougth's

Just everything, that happen's in my life daily.


7. Happen's

I'm so sorry please say that I will see you again.

I can't leave this place and it kills me, because I don't know if I'll ever see you again.

I stopped writing that note in hope that I will see you again.

and I hope that you will still love me.

This book is the story of my life because you are my life.

& I can't stay here if I know you don't love me.

so just break it to me fast.

this book only has bad memories, because the good memories I'll probably never have again.

and thinking of them make me sad that I can't have that again.

When I fall apart she was there she loves me for me.

I will always love her no one can take that away.

If you told me I'm not in love look in my eyes, that's right you can't see me crying every night.

trying to fall asleep, when I fall to sleep I wake up crying.

because she is all I ever dreamed about, I'd rather stay in that dream because that's the only place I can see her.

and she's all I ever won't to see.

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