My thougth's

Just everything, that happen's in my life daily.


3. bye

Don’t wake up.


Don’t wake up,

That’s in my mind each morning.

The one thing that keeps me going,

Is the thought of seeing you every night when I fall to sleep.

because you’re all I ever want to see.


Don’t wake up,

I can’t wake up without tears falling down.

Knowing that that wasn’t really you.

Knowing that I made it up all those dreams never happened.

Knowing I’ll never see you again.

There’s nothing I can gain from this,

but yet I stay in this dream of having you again.


Don’t wake up,

It’s the only thing that will make me happy.

I keep her in my dream,

in hope that one day it will be reality.

But until then I don’t want to be in reality.


Don’t wake up,

Let me stay in this dream,

where I can be free from all the pain of losing her.

Just leave me here,

let me stay in this dream.


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