Rant therapy

Just some of my rants. I rated it yellow because There might be some swearing.


1. Lies

ok, everyone lies, I lie, you lie, everyone lies. If you keep on lying every two damn seconds to my face then we have a problem. Yesterday two of my "friends" were whispering about something and I heard my name like ten times, so I go over there and ask what there talking about. And one of them were like "NOTHING, WERE TALKING ABOUT NOTHING ITS NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS, WE WERE JUST UM UH, WELL, WE WERE TALKING ABOUT STRAWBERRIES AND OTHER STUFF. Like what the hell I know your talking about me what the actual literal F. Why the hell cant you just be honest with me and say you think I like a boy in our math class. Like what the hell. I hate it when they always lie to me every two F***ing seconds. Whenever I try and two talk to them and say instead of lying to me or making it seem like you are then just say you are talking about something personal and you don't feel like talking about it. WHY THE HELL DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO LIE TO ME WHAT THE HELL IS GOING THROUGH YOUR MIND WHEN YOU LIE TO ME!!! 

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