Rant therapy

Just some of my rants. I rated it yellow because There might be some swearing.


2. Apparently I'm a Satanist ._.

On Friday I was walking to school from the buses and this guy (probs a parent) came up to me and was like "I don't think your outfit is school appropriate" ( because I was were ing a scarf and gloves that had Devils traps and anti possession symbols on them) and I said "I don't think your adittude is school appropriate" then I just ran into the school. Number one I AM CHRISTAIN JUST BECAUSE I WATCH SUPERNATURAL DOES NOT MEAN I AM A SATANIST!  Second I'm happy the guy didn't actually call me a satanist but I have had a few people call me a satanist. Once upon a time on a cold winter day a little girl was walking her dog to the park and an lady walked past her and said "may the presence of God  be with you" .   ._. Ok maybe the lady was trying to be nice and saw me in church. Or maybe the lady thought I was a satanist. A few other times I have been asked if I was a Satanist or pagan or if I worship the Devil all together and I have replied with a simple no or a "Oh this (pionts to scarf) it's just from a show I watch. It annoys me so much about how people just automatically think you worship the devil cause what you either were, look like or act like or what music you listen too. Or people think you are a Christain because you go to a church or because you are really nice. Just because someone is a vegan or vegetarian doesn't mean they are Jewish or Muslim (sorry if I'm wrong ) I'm not trying to offended anyone, I'm just saying why should it matter if someone has a different religion than you. Why can't we all just live in peace damn it! Why do people always contradict and judge people on how they look or how they act or there religion. We are all created equal, and yes the bible may say that (I think) but that is not suppose to mean that I'm trying to turn you into a christain. You know what we are all human we are equal because we are all Human, we may not be religiously the same but scientifically and biologically we are all equal and the same because we are all human. Put it this way all different kinds of dogs can go to a dog park, just because one dog has to eat a smaller amount of dog food does not mean that one dog is banned from the dog park. Just because someone has a different religion does not mean you have to exclude them out of your life or be mean to them. I CANT BELIEVE I WROTE THIS JUST BECAUSE I GOT OFFENED OVER A PAIR OF GLOVES!!! Anyways this was not meant to offend anyone and on the part about vegans and if I'm wrong about if Jewish and Muslims are vegans or / and vegetarians was not suppose to be mean I just didn't know if I was right about that. 


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