The time I saw you

He was the bright star in my universe with no stars. Before I met him, my life was meaningless. But when I met him everything went upside down.


1. impressions


I met him in my freshman year of high school, where i changed schools so I was the typical "new kid". He was just someone I could be myself, but I really didn't feel secure around him since he was one of the popular guys and I was just a normal kid. Just by the time I was receiving my schedules I could see that he was walking towards me. I really didn't expect him to talk to me, but I was intimidated by his height and the way he talked o me:

"Hey, I just saw you with your schedule and books so I was wondering if I could help you with them" He said.

"Umm, yeah... sure" I said.

But when I was walking I started to feel really bad, to the point that fell to the ground. I still remember it, the way he looked at me and they way he carried me.

That is the day were I really fell for him. It was just like my sister told me. You can't stop looking at them and can't even put a smile away from your face. The feeling I had for him at that time was certainly ferocious. I just couldn't believe it.


I really didn't pay attention to her at first. But her eyes and the friendly smile she gave was something I wanted to keep for myself. I always heard that I was a possessive person, but for the first time I was sure she would be mine.

Dad had always told that love is an unexpected surprise you have at some point of your life, but I never really believed  it since my parents got divorced when I was six.

Long brown hair, big puppy eyes and small pink lips. She was perfect.

She avoided me every single day. I just didn't understand it. Why would she avoid me?. But then I got the opportunity to help her with her books and her schedule so I had an excuse to walk with her in the hall. She seemed pretty nervous for some reason and her paid cheeks were turning red. I asked her what happened but she just told me she was feeling kind of lousy so I didn't pay attention. But then she fell straight to the cold ground. With a desperate feeling of loosing her before I confessed my feelings for her I carried to the Nurse Office where they told me she had to go immediately to the hospital.

They didn't let me go with her, because I didn't have any relation with her. But I couldn't stop thinking about her the whole day.








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