Dark Ends

It must be stressful, knowing you'll be caught at any second. It must be painful, knowing that you're going to be running for the rest of your lives. But, it must be exciting, knowing you got away with murder.
Thomas and Magnus are brothers. Two typical teenagers, both ready for college, both ready for girls and parties, for jobs and homes. Yet after a hunting trip turns into an almost fatal accident, something changes in both of them. And that something leaves three innocent people dead.
But...who can you really blame?


2. Prologue






 "Murders are restless. Three people are dead. All within TEN DAYS. This can't be just one person - it has to be several. No man can pull off one murder then go onto the next in so little time - no man who's mentally stable. He - they have to be somewhere, planning, conceiving. We don't know when the next one will take place, where it will be, or who will be at the end of his barrel. What we do is that we aren't dealing with a petty criminal. 
 We're dealing with something much, much more dangerous." 




"April 7th, 2016”

 The flashing red light was the only color left in the room. Thomas eyed the camera, aware of the recording of the conversation but unsure if he should speak. Across from him sat a weary-faced detective. Her brown eyes had darkened, curly chocolate hair pulled into a messy ponytail, and thin lips tightened into a line.
 "Mr. Joseph-"
 "No, please, call me Thomas."
 The detective gave him a curious glance but said nothing about it.
 "Alright, Thomas. Do you know why you're here?"
 He glanced down at the mic.
 "Could you elaborate on why you're here?"
 "I am an asset to the investigation because of my connection to my brother Magnus."
 "Correct. Now, we need to hear the story again. We need to know if there are missing details you forgot last time, any scenarios where your brother threatened you or the victim or her family, suspicious behavior, anything you could show that would have an effect on this case."
 Thomas went quiet. He's told this story hundreds of times to countless officers, all of them searching for some clue. But nothing was out of the ordinary, nothing except -
 He stopped.
 Two people were murdered.
 He knew why.
 "Yes. Yes, there is a detail." Thomas said quietly. The detective perked up, leaning in close.
 "What detail?"
 There were tears in his eyes.
 "The hunting trip...the hunting trip took my brother. That thing..the one that killed the girl...that's not my brother."
 Her face was mixed with confusion before Thomas let out a shaky sigh.
 "I lied. My mother lied. The doctor lied. We paid him off. Them. Thousands of dollars. But...Magnus isn't the same because he fell. He changed. He's something...sinister. Mad. Evil."
 He stared at the mic.
 "He's a murderer because of me."
 The detective nodded slowly. Her hands pushed forward, grasping each other but still in Thomas' line of sight.
 "Thomas. Look at me."
 Slowly, he did. Dark eyes bore into him.
 "Start from the beginning. What happened on that trip?"
 He swallowed. Now was the time to come clean.
 Now was the time for the truth.



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