Life Long Story

Life Long Story is about how I met my friends , and how they can help you with the problems that you have with your family. Also how friends can turn on you and forget you , and how they forget that you even are here. How my life was changed without friends and family.


4. Why am I even Your Friend

I am going to ask you guys a question; What kind of friends do you have? The kind of Friends I have are the kind of people you want to keep for ever, but they also do things behind your back that you don't even know about until a FUCKING stranger tells you about. Also when you try and text them on the weekends or the days you are out of school they won't anwser or when they answer they would say" Oh sorry I can't talk right now I with family or boyfriend"; it makes me so FUCKING PISSED that some people can't answer a DAMN phone when you want to talk to them, but no your FUCKING BOYFRIEND is more important than your friends.... First of all I have known you longer than your FUCKING BOYFRIEND and Second of all you ditch your friends for your boyfriend who you have seen the whole FUCKING MONTH OR WEEK. I mean come on people your friends are in your life too not just your boyfriend and your family, you just can't forget your friends that you have known for a longtime; anyway what all of this means is that some friends can be really FUCKING SELFISH sometimes, but not all the time. My next chapter will be leading on from this chapter and also how friends and family can sometimes forget you or they don't even know that your there.





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