Life Long Story

Life Long Story is about how I met my friends , and how they can help you with the problems that you have with your family. Also how friends can turn on you and forget you , and how they forget that you even are here. How my life was changed without friends and family.


3. Stand up to FAMILY!!!!!!!

In my second chapter I told you to stand up to your family, and what I meant by that is if you are not being include in anything means that you need to try and stand up for yourself because if you keep feeling that now is the time to stand up to them and say: I'm tired of being left out of family things, even though I'm different doesn't mean you have to leave me out of things. If they say: We don't leave you out of things. Remind them of things they left you out of.Also tell them how you feel about them and tell them why you feel that way; and if they ask why tell them that you are feeling unloved in the family and that if you guys are going to FUCKING treat me this way then why am I even in your FUCKING LIFE! If they still don't listen tell them that you don't what to be here anymore and then say YOU ALL CAN GO DIED IN A HELL HOLE OR WORSE YALL CAN JUST GO FUCK YOURSELFS. What I'm trying to say is that Im in the same place as you guys are and I am trying my best to ignore them , but I know its had to do that but you have to keep trying harder; if they ever ask you questions that you don't even want to hear because they are such stupid questions like: How was school or Are you doing good in school, any way what I'm trying to say is that if your family ask you stupid questions just say leave me the FUCK alone. 

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