Life Long Story

Life Long Story is about how I met my friends , and how they can help you with the problems that you have with your family. Also how friends can turn on you and forget you , and how they forget that you even are here. How my life was changed without friends and family.


1. Regrets....... Last......... Long...

Family can make more regrets because they can become a real pain; they also become very nosie in your life when they ask who you are texting or who you are going with and it become will eritaning because they ask you like EVERY SINGLE DAY. So does friends when they don't bother to ask whats wrong with you or why are you depressed and it get on peoples last fucking nervous. Friends and family are the same way because they never pay attention to you they always worry about someone else or something else , but never you. That's what makes you feel left out of the family or left out of friendship. Friends don't even bother talking to you , or they don't bother even saying hi to you when they see you. It just makes me so FUCKING mad about it. When you have something to do with your family they don't even say hi to you or even notice you at all, or they just don't even look at you"well if they look at you they will give you a stare like saying you did something that wasn't to their satifaction. I mean if your friends ever talke to you do you think that you don't have friends anymore, well I think that because some people at school don't even bother to say hi to they just sit there and then five minutes later theys Oh, Hi Kaylee I didn't see you there , well i've been here for a while duh. It just makes me so FUCKING ANGERY, and don't forget the drama that happens in school. Also family is the same way: like if you walk with a boy or if you post something on instagram they'll catch you and report it to the whole family, so then you get yelled at by the WHOLE FAMILY! What if you were gone and your family and friends didn't even care that you were gone, until they end of the month when it comes time when you ask where is such and such person ; and you ask a person you don't know and they said that she died last month. Then everyone starts crying, thats when they start to care about you, but they still had regrets to pay for, and they got it.


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