Life Long Story

Life Long Story is about how I met my friends , and how they can help you with the problems that you have with your family. Also how friends can turn on you and forget you , and how they forget that you even are here. How my life was changed without friends and family.


2. People say sorry for their LONG regrets

People want to say sorry for their regrets that they made, but you can't forgive them because it has being a long time before they even said sorry. Anyway, why should forgive them because they did a bad thing to you that makes you feel left out of things, also it makes you feel more guilty because you have no friends that you can trust. When you ask your friends whats wrong with them they say "I miss my friend", then the person ask "but didn't you ingore he/she for a whole month"; so when the friend that ditches you says "I miss my friend", that is called regrets never forgiven. When they ask the girls/boys family about their sons/daughters death , the family is shocked to hear this because they never knew about that; so when the girls/boys family hears about it they said, " why didn't any of you come and tell us?" the friends said, " we just heard about and we figured that you guys knew about it." When they family doesn't care at all thats what is called a selfish family if you can tell;also when your family doesn't care when you are gone or even if you are still there you need to make a choice that will keep you happy and away from the selfish people in your life. One choice you can choose is to run away from it, why because you can't stand to live there anymore also you need to make your own decsions because if you are going to run away you need to start learning how to do that. Second choice is that yuo stay there and you don't do a damn thing about, why because some people handle it theirselfs and they stand up for theirselves; what I'm trying to say is that they aren't afraid to stand up to their family. If you are being push away stand up to your family and tell them that you don't want to be pushed away from everyone.

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