The Troubles of Life

Tearny has lived a terrible life, of sorrow, hatred, and death. She changed her name to hide her identity from her killer father. When he hurts her loved ones she changes, into something no one, but her best friend, Andi, knows about.


21. The Tranformation

I'm still babysitting Nolan. Leah said she would be back in a week or so. But I think she should come home right now because Nolan keeps whining for his mom. He's getting kind of annoying, and I don't normally say that about people. So I went to get a snack for Nolan then I heard a crash noise like glass breaking. I ran to the room and saw all of his toys knocked over and the window broken open. Then I saw blood on the floor. I started crying. I called Jake, he didn't answer, then I heard a phone ringing outside. I went out there and saw lots of blood . The blood was already dried. I looked across the yard and saw a mound of dirt. I grabbed a shovel and dug it up. I saw his phone. I dug even deeper and found his body. I crouched over his body and started crying. I called Leah right away. I told her, "Leah, Jake is dead, and someone took Nolan." "Andi, I can't understand you." "Jake, is dead, and Nolan is gone." Leah hung the phone up. 

I called Katie she said she knows Jake is dead and that Leah is going to murder you for loosing her child. I can't even, I just can't deal with this. Leah came home and yelled at me and said, "He didn't like you, I hate you sooooo, much, you know what, he was going to leave you anyway to go live with his kids!" I stood there for a second, then realized that he had kids. "Leah, what are you talking about, what do you mean he has kids?" "Andi, he had children with his wife and they lived happily ever after, then she died in a car accident. You were just his rebound." I was betrayed. Did he even love me? "Wait, what?" "It wasn't supposed to come out like that." "Did he love me?" "Yes, but you kinda were friend zoned." "We have to find Nolan." "Andi." I walked away. She crushed me and I crushed her.

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