The Troubles of Life

Tearny has lived a terrible life, of sorrow, hatred, and death. She changed her name to hide her identity from her killer father. When he hurts her loved ones she changes, into something no one, but her best friend, Andi, knows about.


19. The Return

I woke up as white wolf chained up in a small cage. There is a lock on the door. He walks in. “Time to finish what I started,” he said. The man of my past, life ruiner. “Father,” I said slightly confused. “You are the only one left. Worst for last,” he said, “Your brothers are gone. You will make good food. It’s not cannibalism if you’re a dog.” “Shut up, child!” at that moment I thought to myself he’s really angry and I don’t even know what I did. Well I was only 6 when it happened and I’m old now so. “Okay, okay, it’s okay, Papa, I’TS OKAY.” Trying to sound as sarcastic as possible. Well he’s a butthole honestly I don’t even know, he is probably crazy or something. Maybe that’s where I got it from. Then he walked up to the cage and said, “Do you want to know why I killed them?” Then I replied, “Well doesn’t everyone have to have a motive to kill someone?” He looked at me with a smirk and I just smiled at him. “Well, Tearny, it was when I was talking to your mother and learned that you aren’t mine.” I sat there confused for a moment then I’m just like, “WHAT! Really dad I’m a little confused.” He had a big smile on his face and said, “Well, You’re adopted, well I’m not your father and if you’re not mine then whose are you?” “Well, dad if you are assuming that I know I don’t so you should probably let me go now.” He laughed and walked away.

        It has been hours sitting here alone. Then a woman with black hair, well, she kind of looks like my mom, so I’m just sitting there saying no words that she unlocked the door. “Well, my first thought was to you know, cut off your head but I think you’re alright, right?” “Tearny it’s me” At that moment I saw the scar on her throat. “Katie?” I gave her a big hug and said. “Well, did that hurt?” “Yes, Tearny it hurt very much and I’m guessing that you don’t want your throat slit so let’s go.” And right then and there I heard a door open and I didn’t feel it but he came up behind me and shoved a sword through my stomach. So I pulled it out threw it at him and ran away.

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