The Troubles of Life

Tearny has lived a terrible life, of sorrow, hatred, and death. She changed her name to hide her identity from her killer father. When he hurts her loved ones she changes, into something no one, but her best friend, Andi, knows about.


20. The Real Father

        So it took us about three days to get off the island but we did. And I turned to Katie and told her that we’re adopted. Well, our first thought was to you know find our father. So then I realized that we are of Scottish descent and then I’m just like, “TO SCOTLAND!”

        That’s when all the fun started. We obviously left Andi with my son, but I did tell her where we’re going so it’s okay. So were there in Scotland and My first thought is that there is a myth about how you can go back in time by touching a stone at exactly the right moment. But if most people didn’t know all myth’s come from a version of the truth and everyone thought that I was a myth but that just a load of bull cause I’m pretty sure I’m real. I went to this stone and I got really tired, so I lay down to rest and leaned my head up against one. Everything went wonky and I was right where I was before but Katie was gone. So I just started wondering around looking for her but I heard gun shots and people screaming so I ran towards the noise and I ran into these people who were running around with swords. So they grabbed me and brought me back to their camp. They started asking me all these question like why are you wearing pants that is not proper attire for a woman. Well, then I saw a man with another woman so I went up to the woman and started crying cause I realized that it was my mom. I hugged her for the longest time then I said, “Mom, I found you I saw you die how can you be here.” Then a man sitting there confused saying, “You have a child?” “Well, I wouldn’t be calling her mom if she wasn’t my mom, you munch.” Well maybe I shouldn’t have called him that because he hit me.  But I don’t roll like that so I hit him back in the throat. He struggled to breathe for a while but it’s all good now.  My mom sat me down and said that, that was her husband. I just thought for a moment maybe that’s where I get my good looks from and my accent. “So this must be father, Sorry about hitting you by the way.” He looked at me with a disgusted look on his face then me and mom just smiled at him. They looked really confused and then I realized that the stone worked, so before I ruined me being alive I escaped in wolf form. I ran back to the stones and did exactly what I did before. It didn’t work that time. I sat there for about a day. I sat there for a whole fricking day. Then it worked.

 I went back to the stones and looked around. The sun was setting and there was no Katie. Did I lose her again? Why did I lean on that rock? Now I know what my real father looks like. I got so mad at myself. I yelled her name a bunch of times, like that would work. I got so mad I changed. I couldn’t let her see me like that. Then I heard a growl. I turned around and saw a white tiger. I didn’t think there were tigers in Scotland. I didn’t want to hurt the species so I ran. It usually works to calm myself down. I turned around and IT WAS FOLLOWING ME!!! What kind of stupid, inconsiderate animal follows someone who can kill them? I got myself calmed enough down to where I changed back to a human. Then the tiger stopped. It probably got confused of me changing. Then the tiger changed, into Katie.

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