The Troubles of Life

Tearny has lived a terrible life, of sorrow, hatred, and death. She changed her name to hide her identity from her killer father. When he hurts her loved ones she changes, into something no one, but her best friend, Andi, knows about.


3. The Benefactor

After all the Andi drama I just went back doing what I normally do, plotting ultimate destruction on the humans with the benefactor. Andi and I are still friends, she understands now. While I am at Andi’s house helping her pack up and leave, I walk outside to talk on the phone with the benefactor. “The job is done, now where do you want to meet?” As the benefactor was about to tell me of course Andi comes up to me and says “Who you talking to?” Honestly I would shoot her in the face myself if she keeps getting in my frigging business. I sigh and say “I’m talking to my boyfriend.” She looks at me with disbelief in her face “When did you get a boyfriend?” she looks at me again with a smirk on her face and walks away carrying boxes and loading them into my Chevrolet. I hung up my cell phone and helped Andi pack up the boxes. 

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