The Troubles of Life

Tearny has lived a terrible life, of sorrow, hatred, and death. She changed her name to hide her identity from her killer father. When he hurts her loved ones she changes, into something no one, but her best friend, Andi, knows about.


17. Nolan

We already picked   out a name for our baby boy… Nolan, that was the name of my first child that was never born. Yes, Leon and I almost had a different kid. But, sadly he was a miscarriage.  But, I am gonna make sure that our little Nolan has the best frigging life EVER. This little boy will have the best parents, aunt, uncle, and family ever. But, we will talk about that later. Right now, I’m getting married. As, I walked down the aisle with Jake, since I don’t have a dad, I began to think… this is the end of my single freedom, am I really ok with that? By, the time I have decided that I am ready, I am at the platform with Leon.


A few days later I am in Labor with my baby boy, I am in tons of pain. After 5 hours, I am holding a little bundle of adorable joy. “Hi, Nolan”, I say to him. He has Leon’s eyes. We won’t find out if he is like me until he is 3. So, the years go by… 1, 2, 3, he ends up being a white wolf like me, 4, now Nolan is starting preschool. We act like a normal family, happy, kind, and not crazy even though I am. He runs into the classroom and looks around; he sees a little boy with blond hair and green eyes, Nolan runs up to the boy and asks his name, his name is Oliver. I walk over and say goodbye to Nolan. After the goodbyes Nolan goes and plays with Oliver. I head home to pick up Andi. We are going to the store, when I get there Andi and Jake are on the couch, Andi is asleep in his arms, I run over to her and scream, “WAKE UP, WE ARE GOING TO THE STORE!!!!!” she jolts awake, gets up changes and then we go to the store. We get the usual things we get at the store, eggs, milk, cheese, cheesecake, and a new set of ninja stars, we get some arrows, a few torture devices then we buy it all and head home. On our way home, some idiot decides to play chicken. Well, I don’t deal well with people playing chicken on the road, I reach out the window and chuck a ninja star right into the windshield, he swerves back into his lane and we speed up so he can’t see my plates, we get home and unload the groceries. I walk in the door with two swords in my hand. Nolan is there on the couch, sleeping. Did I forget to pick him up? “Andi,” I said, “did I forget about him?” “No it’s only eleven o’clock,” said Andi, “he gets out at one. Do you think Leon came to get him?” “No, Leon’s at work, what about Jake?” “Maybe,” BANG “Andi, did you hear that?” “Yeah, it came from the basement… I wonder who or what’s down there. I haven’t been down there since you trapped me in a room full of demons.” “Andi, shut up, let me check out the basement,” I go down into the basement and I don’t see anyone… I look over to the far wall and see that the window is open, I walkover and see that its broken, I run upstairs and tell Andi to grab her bow and watch Nolan, I see a man jump over the fence, I open the back door and run over the fence after him, I keep running, suddenly I get pushed to the ground, he pushes down on top of me. I get flipped over. I look directly into his eyes. The eyes that have killed a thousand souls.

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