The Troubles of Life

Tearny has lived a terrible life, of sorrow, hatred, and death. She changed her name to hide her identity from her killer father. When he hurts her loved ones she changes, into something no one, but her best friend, Andi, knows about.


26. I'm sorry... I tried.

I run into the house the very next day after school to find my mother dead. "oh, no it happened and I didn't save her..." I run into the kitchen where I see Katie tied up on the floor and my dad washing his hands of my mothers blood. "Dad, let Katie go you're not gonna kill her anyway what's the point to tying her up?" "oh, I'm not gonna kill her huh" he walks over to Katie who is crying, and he slits her throat. "KATIE, NOOOOOO" I run out the door and into Andi's house, "ANDI we have to go NOW, we need to flee the country!" "ok, ok i'll go tell my parents that we need to move to Scotland."

The next day Andi's house was empty and we were on our way to Scotland.   

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