The Troubles of Life

Tearny has lived a terrible life, of sorrow, hatred, and death. She changed her name to hide her identity from her killer father. When he hurts her loved ones she changes, into something no one, but her best friend, Andi, knows about.


11. Couple Wars

I wake up that morning and walk into Jake’s Room and kiss him, “hey, babe how’s it going?” “Same as yesterday” as always I make everyone breakfast. But I realized that Leah is always up by now and she is always the first one to eat. I walk into her room and see Leon holding Leah in his arms, sleeping. Of course I knew I had to do something to wake them up. So I grabbed the biggest bucket we had and filled it up with freezing cold water. I walked into their room and poured the bucket on them. Leah, of course screamed and Leon grabbed the bucket out of my hand throwing it at my face. I still have a bruise from that. Now since that is over I decided to dump an entire bottle of hot sauce in their eggs I made for them. But of course when they ate it Leah and Leon could smell it with their super good smell and smiled at me and then kissed each other. They knew what I was trying to do. Surprisingly they had put hot sauce in my eggs without me knowing. Guess what I ate them kissed Jake then it started burning. All day our lips were burning. Today they had out coupled us but tomorrow we will out couple them.

Jake and I decided to get away from all of this madness and took a vacation to Florida. Sadly on our way to Florida there was a car accident. Apparently the guy died and they had the same exact car as us.

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