The Designer Shoes of Beverly Hills

Arabella hates the shoes but she has to wear them... In public! Her dad is making her wear them even though they are so last year.
But is there more behind the shoes than Arabella bargained for?


1. Shoes

I hate the shoes! I even have to wear them… In public! Daddy said that I have to wear them or else I can’t have the pool party I want. It’s not fair, up until now I’ve never had to persuade daddy to give me something. I get what I want. Period. The shoes are a silvery-grey colour that don’t even sparkle. There are no flashy logos or pretty embroidery. Just shoes with the letters MLI printed on the soles. I don’t know what MLI means but my grandma has always been like that, ‘Dark and Mysterious’ is what my daddy says she is, I just think she’s weird.

“Save Me Right Now” This is the message I send to Sasha and Crystal before I slip into the flowery dress with the sweetheart neckline- Chanel. I then reluctantly put on the silver shoes and slip 7 inch Prada heels into my bag so that I can change into them at the mall. After my daddy has seen me wearing the silver shoes of course. It turns out having a soccer player as a dad and a fashion designer as a mum has its highlights. I check my phone- replies from both of the girls flashing on the screen. They both say the same thing. ‘Mall 20 minutes xx’. Oops! It has been 20 minutes since they sent that text and I still need to have my breakfast. Oh well, they will wait for me… they always do. Half a bowl of granola later and I’m ready for Gus, one of my family’s 5 chauffeurs, to drive me to the mall. He drops me off outside Michael Kors where Crystal and Sasha are stood waiting for me each with a Costa cup clutched into their hands. They can look so tacky sometimes!

‘What was the urgent text for?’ Crystal says as soon as I reach them.

'Yeah! I’ve been so worried babe.’ Sasha adds as she desperately tries to remove the look of worry emblazoned onto her face. She’ll get stress lines before she’s twenty if she carries on like that.

‘Has Zach dumped you? Crystal asks inquisitively ‘No, wait! You have run out of Bobbi Brown eyeliner! Don’t worry I have some spare in my bag. Midnight dusk of course to match your complexion.’

‘Stop! Zach hasn’t dumped me and I’m not out of Bobbi Brown eyeliner so get those stupid ideas out of your heads. You know I never wear the same make up more than once! It’s my shoes…’ Their eyes flash towards the shoes and they simultaneously take a sharp intake of breath.

‘Oh, Arabella! What happened?’ Crystal exclaims as my vision goes blurry. I mustn’t cry… My makeup will run.

‘It’s my daddy. He said I wasn’t allowed the pool party unless I wear these awful shoes my grandmother bought me!’

‘Aww don’t worry. Just go into the toilets and put on a new pair of shoes. Have you brought spares?’ Sasha says

‘Of course I have, who do you think I am?’ I said and I sauntered away from them trying my best to walk wearing flat shoes. Once I reached the toilets there was a queue. Of course! Just my luck.

I wait 10 minutes until I finally get into one of the cramped cubicles and at that point I’m not even bothered that I have to sit on the toilet seat in the public loos. I tentatively sit down and take the Prada heels out of my bag. Suddenly without warning, the silver shoes get hot… Burning hot. I try to rip them off my feet but they won’t come off. The heat is now coursing through my veins, reaching out through my arms. Pain. I must be dying. Dying of shame.

I now realise that the heat is surrounding me as well as being inside me. I can’t see, I clamp my eyes shut and wish for the pain to disappear. I now recognise that my forehead is covered in sweat but don’t dare open my eyes. It might make the heat rise even more! Please, please, please make it stop.

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