A werewolf boy

Its based on a teenage boy that he life turns into somthing he didnt belive


2. getting used to school

So i walking.up to my school which is not far from my house. I put my earphones in so i can get more confident about my school but to be honnest i was shitting my pants well wait till i tell you about this kid . right i ws walking up about to cross the road and all you can see is this kid running like flash and when the car came he clearly jumped over with his two hands and i said. (Darren) “ oh my god are you ok and how on earth did you do that.?”(rice) “ i wish i could tell u but i cant now iv got to go some were good bye.! I was a bit freaked out but i stilled carrying on to my new school. So I'm here at helm croft diamond school standing right next to the sign thinking woh

Its going to be a long day.... So i enterd in the school heading to my tutor group and all I see is people it's just stuck into my head. People it's like am ingrained already. But all of my touture group was ok

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