1. Heart

That's it, my heart's alive,

Pumping, beating, pulsing, breathing,

Swirling, flying, leaping, jumping,

What is this that I'm feeling.


My hands are shaking and my breathing's fast,

So is it that I'm in fear?

Should I run because right,

I'd rather stay right here.


Colours are brighter and the problems are gone,

I do not give a care,

The world suddenly more beautiful,

And all I can do is stare.


Unexpected and uncontrolled,

But somehow I'm so happy,

The world has lit up for me,

And nothing could ever end badly.


Surely it has an explanation,

To why this is all worthwhile,

But whenever I try to explain it,

All I can do is smile.


So maybe one day I'll understand,

Or maybe that's not the case,

But this feeling shouldn't be kept away,

I'll just let my heart race.


That's it, my heart's alive,

And I get it, well sort of,

So just in case anyone wants to know,

This is how it feels to love.





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