Your Twisted World

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  • Published: 29 Oct 2015
  • Updated: 21 Oct 2015
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A Poem.


1. Your Twisted World

I am not wrong 

For being different

Perhaps it is you

You've gotten too used to formality and uniformity


I'm not you

And you are not me

But neither of us are any better than the other

There is more to focus on than the "outcasts"


What about the kids being kidnapped?

And raped?

The people killing others?

The ones with no food


The serial killers

The ones who kill for fun

The liars in out government

Poisoning society


We are being convinced it is the fault of homosexuals and "outcasts"

But we ignore the lying politicians

The people murdering others

For enjoyment


The people who don't fit are not to blame for the failing society

It is, in fact, the ones who do fit

The ones people trust

Throwing us into our own oblivion


We are destroying ourselves

People have stopped planning their futures

Due to prediction of apocalyptic prophecies

And we continue to destroy everything we claim to love


Do not blame me

For turning my back on your standards

I am not wrong

To not want to be a part of your twisted world

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