Rare Dragon, Red Dragon

A lone red dragon named Fate comes to find that his fate is deeply intertwined with that of a young girl named Ashlyn. He is wanting another red dragon to travel with them, but they are so rare now days, before they were the dominant species of dragon, now the numbers have been drastically reduced and he is one of the few left that he will come to find.


1. Totally Alone

As fate was walking along the path that he had spotted that had footprints of another dragon, old but hopeful. he followed the scent and finally gave up and went home. Well, his "home" was just a spot to lie down at night. He was getting hungry so he went to the nearby pond to fish. He spotted some deer and caught one and brought it home, ate it and went to bed on the rock overhang that was the most comfortable thing that he could find and some moss that he gathered when he set up camp there.

He heard a noise of in the distance and was wondering if the was in another dragons territory by accident. He went searching for it but it was just a bear scratching at a tree. He was so wrapped up in that search that he didn't bother to look behind him as he left the sight, compared to other dragons he was tiny, about the size of an adult grizzly bear, but old enough to fly and breath fire. He was nervous about the fact that he felt like he was being watched by something that wasn't a dragon. He lied down for the night and slept til noon, let the sun warm him, although the feeling never went away. Fate had lost his hope in finding another dragon in the area. he lied down to sleep once again

He realized that he was all alone, the last of his kind.....or so he thought as a shadow raced along the night sky. He immediately stood up to follow the large shape disappearing into the starlit sky. He was finally catching up with it when he saw that it was not like him, a dragon, yes, red dragon, no. He went back home and slept until first light. He went hunting early that morning and discovered fresh tracks, like his own, slightly larger, but it reignited his hope to find another of his kind.

He was following the tracks that seemed not to end until he reached a clearing, the prints faded into the grass and the scent was gone to the wind. He had officially given up hope for that week. He would try again next week. He went back to his moss covered rock overhang and lay down to sleep. First light came and he went on the path to the pond and saw some deer, he left them alone and went to the pond. As he drank he heard some branches snap in the woods. he stood up, sniffed the air, located the sound and went after it. he was still ever hopeful that he would catch it this time but she got away again.

He finally went back home to see a wounded deer, and he ended its misery. He ate and slept the next week away. He decided to take flight to search today, he spotted her and she took of into the deepest parts of the forest. he tried to pursue but his horns kept getting tangled in the branches. he got out and looked at her tracks, they were far smaller than his own. he left the message "you are not alone" scratched into the dirt where her tracks were. later that day he checked the spot where the message was and she had wrote "I know, i want to meet you, but you scared me."

He wrote "i am sorry, what is your name" and then he left. as she was writing her response to the message he had seen that she was a human running around looking to save the species. he called out to her and she looked up and saw him up there and she ran away again. he read her message, "I am sorry for running, my name is Ashlyn." he wrote her back "My name is fate, have you been watching me?"

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