Rare Dragon, Red Dragon

A lone red dragon named Fate comes to find that his fate is deeply intertwined with that of a young girl named Ashlyn. He is wanting another red dragon to travel with them, but they are so rare now days, before they were the dominant species of dragon, now the numbers have been drastically reduced and he is one of the few left that he will come to find.


2. the meeting

the messages became more frequent and longer, they were not afraid or misunderstanding, they were together on the inside not physically, they had only seen each other once as themselves. everything was at an assigned time, so that they would not see each other at all. one day she had written to him that she wanted to see him, so he scratched a trail into the earth for her to follow on that fateful day. he wrote "there is your path to me, come at last light." and she came cautiously at last light. he was asleep, as she was told he would be. 

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