s e a s o n s - hanjoo

seasonal au drabbles of topp dogg's most lovable couple, hanjoo / rated Y for slight mature content


1. [M] 1 - Summer

"Oh my godd why is it so damn hot today," Byungjoo groaned, his half-naked body sprawled out on the couch.

 Hansol took a seat on the other couch across from his boyfriend with a foam cup filled with cool blocks of ice to suck on. He was wearing a tank top and shorts that went above his knees. Whilst Byungjoo was wearing no shirt whatsoever and was wearing shorts that were a bit lengthier than Hansol's own,

"If its so hot just take a shower to cool off." Byungjoo looked at Hansol with an unamused facial expression,

 "It's occupied by Jenissi and Xero,if you haven't noticed. I don't know what they're doing but it's probably something nasty." He said, shuddering at the image of his other roommates doing the do in the shower.

"Do you really believe they would do that? They're too innocent." Hansol sighed.

 He looked at the other man, his eyes trailing from his almost baby face down to his collarbones, his chest, and the v line connecting down to his-

 Hansol's thoughts were interrupted by a whining sound by, what a surprise, Byungjoo,

 "Quit whining." Hansol said, rolling his eyes.

 "I want you here though."

 Hansol looked at Byungjoo, he tilted his head in confusion,

 "But that would make you even hotter."

 ".. Hansol-ah."

 "Yes honey?" Hansol said, smiling.

 Hansol took an ice block from the foam cup he was holding. He placed the ice between his lips, and started sucking on it slowly. Then licking the cool liquid that ran down his pale fingers.

 He grinned, noticing the man staring at his every move, "Hm? You want some ice?" Byungjoo cleared his throat,

 "Come here. Now."

 Hansol pouted, "But my ice-"

 "Now." The dark haired male huffed and walked over to Byungjoo, straddling his lap. He placed on hand on Byungjoo's thigh and held his foam cup in the other.

 He leaned in closer to Byungjoo's face, "Ice?"

 Byungjoo nodded slowly as Hansol removed his hand from his thigh and grabbed another ice, "Open."He commanded. Byungjoo opened his mouth slightly, letting Hansol place the cube between his lips.

 Hansol giggled, "Let me have some as well." He leaned in placing his lips on Byungjoos' own. He felt the ice melt as they kissed. Out of nowhere, Byungjoo stuck his tongue into Hansol's mouth, making the other blush madly.

 Their tongues lapped against each other, the ice sliding between both.  

 Even after the ice melted (they had used up all the ice cubes from the cup as well) in each other's mouths, they continued making out on the couch..

 Both Byungjoo's hands on Hansol's ass and Hansol's hands pulling on Byungjoo's dark brown hair.

 Hansol decided this was enough and bit Byungjoo's bottom lip, pulling it slightly then pulled away, panting,

 "Damn." Byungjoo whispered, staring at his boyfriend- whose cheeks are as red as a tomato, which is totally cute.

 "Did that cool you off?"

  "Sure did."

 Byungjoo's hands slid up Hansol's tank top but the other male quickly slapped his hand away,

 "Byungjoo-ah it's too hot for that. Plus Xero and Jenissi are still here."

 "But Hansol~." Byungjoo whined.

 "'But' nothing, Joo." Hansol said, pulling himself off of Byungjoo's lap, taking the empty cup and turning to throw it away.

 He felt Byungjoo's arms wrap around his waist, pulling him back down on his lap, "Byungjoo."

 "Come onnn, you teased me so much already I should get a reward." Byungjoo pouted, kissing Hansol's ear.

 He shook his head, "Alright fine, Byungjoo.." So, that's how they got caught at least 10 minutes in by Xero and Jenissi, who had just gotten done showering together and were dressed.

 Xero apologized frantically and pulled a scarred Jenissi out the door quickly. 

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