s e a s o n s - hanjoo

seasonal au drabbles of topp dogg's most lovable couple, hanjoo / rated Y for slight mature content


3. 3- Autumn pt.2

 "Babe.. I'm having a hard time choosing on what to wear for halloween this year." Hansol sighed, looking over at his boyfriend who was studying- even on a holiday he still works hard. Xero and Jenissi were out on a date so it was just Hansol and Byungjoo in the dorms.

  Byungjoo looked up from his book, "What do you have in mind to dress as?"

 "I was thinking of being a little cat~ Or dress as a zombie." Hansol said, showing his boyfriend the costumes he was holding up.

 Byungjoo immediately said, "Cat." And Hansol knew well why he chose cat. Hansol put down the outfits. He smirked, placing a hand down on Byungjoo's book. Startling Byungjoo. 

 Hansol slid into Byungjoo's lap, and giggled lightly,

 "A cat, hm? And what, you'll be my cute little puppy?"

  Byungjoo flushed red, "I wasn't planning on dressing as anything this year.."

  Hansol hummed, "Then what about I dress for you only, hm? Just you, me.. Alone in the dorms while Xero and Jenissi are out partying. And you know what we can do?"

  Byungjoo gulped, "What?" Hansol pressed his lips against Byungjoo's ear and whispered,

  "Cuddle, make out and wear our pajamas." Hansol laughed, pulling away and pressing a kiss on the other's mouth gently. Byungjoo pouted and Hansol smiled,

  "I love kissing you.. You know that right?" Hansol bit his lip as he ran his thumb over Byungjoo's lips, "They're so kissable.." Hansol kissed him again, "I would kiss these babies forever~"

  Byungjoo let out a chuckle and rubbed Hansol's back, "I remember our first kiss.. You couldn't stop fidgeting around because of how nervous you were.. It was so cute."

  Hansol covered Byungjoo's mouth, unamused,"Hush." Byungjoo shook his head,


  Hansol shook his head, slightly smiling and pulling his hand away.

  Hansol started playing around with Byungjoo's hair pleasantly until he noticed his hair seemed a odd..

  "Joo.. Is your hair getting curly?"

  Byungjoo shrugged, "Is it?" Hansol nodded, twirling the strand in his finger,

  "Curly Joo would be hilarious." Hansol murmured, "Hot though.." Byungjoo sprang up,

  "I'll curl my hair just for you babe."

  Hansol stared at Byungjoo then burst out laughing, "Joo that's so cute.."

  Byungjoo simply huffed and brought Hansol's smaller body closer to him. He ran his fingers through his soft hair, he sighed,"I should be studying."

  Hansol looked up at him and pinched the bridge of Byungjoo's nose and wiggled it around,

  "You study so much Joo take a break for once."

  Byungjoo thought for a moment then finally agreed and cuddled with his boyfriend the rest of the night.

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