s e a s o n s - hanjoo

seasonal au drabbles of topp dogg's most lovable couple, hanjoo / rated Y for slight mature content


2. 2 - Autumn pt.1

(there's going to be a few parts to this bc its currently autumn sooo i decided to make it longer)

 Hansol held Byungjoo's hand, which was protected by a warm, fuzzy glove whilst Hansol's was just cold and naked.

 It was only the beginning of Autumn and it's already getting chilly. Hansol had forgotten his gloves at their dormitory and Byungjoo offered to hold his hand as they went out.  

 Happily, Hansol accepted. They have already entered their last year of school a few months ago and they've been so busy, they barely had time to even do anything together.

 Just quick kisses in the morning, between passing periods, and 40 minutes together during lunch. Not much after school because Byungjoo had to study then do his stacks of homework in the dorm and Hansol had long dance practices for his dance club, Hansol finishes most of his work in his club room and during class.

 Though their weekends are always free, so they hang out and go on dates those days. Today they were going to a carnival by a nearby park for their date. Hansol leaned his head on Byungjoo's shoulder and smiled,

 "You look cute today, Joo."

 Byungjoo scoffed, "So I never look cute all those other days?"

 Hansol poked Byungjoo's nose, "You know what I mean, dummy.."

 Byungjoo laughed and gently kissed Hansol's forehead. Hansol only gave him a gummy grin.

 "We're here." Hansol announced, snapping Byungjoo out of his loving gaze towards Hansol. He heard the screams of children and realized they were here indeed.

 Hansol dragged Byungjoo in, he squealed in excitement, "Let's go buy tickets and ride all of the rides!"  

 Byungjoo only nervously nodded, he was probably going to throw up a few times today. After buying the tickets, first Hansol dragged Byungjoo to a booth, nothing too bad except..

 "Joo, babe~ Win me a Totoro!" Hansol said, holding onto Byungjoo's arm tightly. Byungjoo only sighed,


 "B-But.." Hansol pouted, he made puppy eyes and he knew Byungjoo couldn't resist.

 "Fine." Byungjoo sighed as he heard the other say, "Yay~ Byungjoo-ah I love youu!"

 All Byungjoo had to do was beat these other people at the booth at squirting water into a clown's mouth and filling up the balloon before they do..

 'Seems easy..' He thought, paying the man $2 to give it a go. Hansol placed his chin on Byungjoo's shoulder, grinning,

 "Win for me, Joo~." And he did. After 3 tries, Hansol finally got his huge stuffed Totoro. He gave his "winner"(as he called Byungjoo when he finally won) a kiss on the cheek and held the stuffed animal tight.

 "Let's go and play more booths! I'll win you some animals, Joo~" Hansol said, smiling cutely. Byungjoo only nodded, dazed by his adorable boyfriend.

 After a few booths(And Hansol winning on his first tries on each booth), their hands were all full with stuffed animals. Though they still managed to hold hands somehow.

 "Joo, Joo, Joo! Let's go on rides now!" Hansol said over his mount of stuffed animals.

 "But Hansol~," Byungjoo whined, "Where are we going to put these?" He referred to the stuffed animals.

 Hansol thought for a moment, "Ah.. I guess you're right.."

 Byungjoo mentally high fived himself, he would be getting out of vomiting all over himself.

 "Let's go quickly drop these at the dorms and come back to go on the rides!" Byungjoo groaned as Hansol, once again, dragged him away.

 - After tons of rides(Byungjoo couldn't count them all because of how dizzy he was..), Hansol got tired and it was getting dark. The beautiful lights of the carnival lit up, waking up Hansol a little more.

 "Mm.. Byungjoo. We should go to the photo booth over there." Hansol murmered, his head resting on Byungjoo's shoulder, with Byungjoo's jacket wrapped around him as they sat down on a bench; admiring the lights.

 Byungjoo agreed, letting it go his boyfriend's way. They sat in the booth, Hansol inserted a few coins then grinned up at Byungjoo, "Are you ready, babe?"

 "Mhm." They turned to the camera as it counted down 5 seconds. First they smiled, holding up peace signs. On the second one they hugged, then kissed on the third, Byungjoo kissed Hansol's cheek on the fourth, then finally on the fifth; it was just them gazing lovingly into each others' eyes, smiling and not paying attention to the camera anymore. 

 After they took the photos they had the options to edit the pictures.

 Hansol grabbed the stylus pen and made Byungjoo and his eyes bigger,

 "Don't make me look like some anime character." Byungjoo groaned, grabbing the pen from Hansol and making his eyes smaller and back to normal. Hansol shrugged and took the stylus pen back, he moved Byungjoo aside so he couldn't see what he was writing on the pictures.

 "Ah- Hansol come on what are you doing? You better not be drawing on my face." Byungjoo complained, tugging on Hansol's arm. Hansol stuck his tongue out at him and just printed the picture he drew on before Byungjoo can look at the message.

 Byungjoo then took the pen and started writing on the other picture, making sure Hansol wasn't looking and then printing it out. Hansol raised a brow, "Trade?"

 Byungjoo nodded and he gave Hansol the picture he wrote on as Hansol did the same. They looked at what the other had written and both flushed in embarrassment.

 "I love you.." Byungjoo mumbled, pressing a kiss on Hansol's heated up cheek. Hansol shyly looked up at his boyfriend, who was just as red.

 He stood on his tippy toes and pressed a kiss on his lips gently, "But I love you a lot more."

 With that, Byungjoo carried a tired Hansol on his back on their way to the dorms after a long day.


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