when these used to be best friends get separated, they changed into the bad boy and the "nerdy emo." But what brings them back together can show that people change, but love may not.


1. It begins

Lucy's P.O.V 

I sat on the fence outside my house, holding my flip phone in my hands. I texted Luke to meet me because I needed someone to talk to. Luke and I have known each other since we were three because of our moms, and now we are both entering 7th grade in two weeks. My phone buzzed. He responded with a fine with a weird guy that looked like this 0.o. At this time of the day, all my other girl friends would probably be like "omgggg go back home", but Luke was the kind of friend that would always be there for you. The late summer weather in Australia was beautiful. The sky was cloudless, with speckles of bright stars spread around the sky. Ok, so let me introduce myself. My name is Lucy Reynolds and I'm 12 years old. I live in Sydney, Australia with my Mom, Dad and German Shepherd, Josie. I have blondish-brown hair that wades at my shoulder and a bright white smile. One weird thing about me are my eyes. The color they wanted to be was always undecided. They are green, with a bit of hazel and little hints of yellow. I felt the fence wobble. Luke came climbing up the side of the fence. "What do you need me here for at 11:30, Lucy?" He groaned as I giggled. "Well, hi Hemmings." He laughed. He saw the sad look on my face. "What's wrong?" He asked as I sighed. "My folks are fighting again." I looked at ground and at the windows of my house. You could hear my mom yelling at my dad, and my dad screaming back. "Sorry, L. You know you could always live with me." I smiled. "Mama Liz already has a lot on her hands." I said with a giggle. "Yeah, Ben and Jack can be a handful." He said, laughing. "I was talking about you, loser." I said, shoving him lightly. "Hey, it'll all work out. Then we can go our trip to Antarctica to save the penguins!" He squealed as my eyes gazed up into the stars. "About that," I said with a pause. I turned my head around. "About what, Lucy?" I bit my lip. "Luke, my mom wants me to move." His mouth dropped open. "What are you saying?" He asked, looking up, making both of our eyes on the stars. "Luke, I think I'm moving to Los Angeles." I said, letting out another sigh.  "You can't leave me here!" He said, grabbing my hand. "Luke, you'll be okay." I assured him as he started to panic. "I have no other friends beside you!" He whined as he put his head on my shoulder. "You have Calum." I said as he groaned. "But Calum is weird!" I laughed. "Luke, he's not weird. He just takes adjusting to." He rolled his eyes. "I just think his weird. I feel like he still thinks turtles can be smaller than bugs and lay bombs!" I almost fell backwards from laughing so hard. "I think he's changed since kindergarten. Besides, he wasn't that weird last year." Luke shrugged. "But what about Clifford?" He asked as I laughed. "I don't think he'll be bullying you for a while." I told Luke,  remembering what happened in the middle of last year. Michael was beating Luke up and calling him bad things and I interfered. He said I was a weak girl and that I couldn't do anything. I then kinda punched him in the face, earning me a week of after-school detention. But at least Luke was okay. "Are you sure I'll be okay here?" He asked as I nodded. "I think you be perfectly fine." I smiled. He moved the fringe out of his eye. "I guess pizza could be my friend." He said as I giggled. "I want to push you off this fence." I said as he laughed. "If you were to leave tomorrow, let's have a rundown of all the memories we've had together. I'll go first." He informed me as I nodded. "Speaking of fences, do you remember the time you pushed me off the fence and I broke my arm?" I laughed. "You deserved it!" He rolled his eyes. "All I said was that Smarties were better than Jolly Ranchers, which they are!" My eyes glared at him. "Say that again and you'll have that cast back!" I said, laughing at him. "And I'll make sure it'll be bright neon pink!" He laughed along. "I wasn't planning on wearing a cast to the first day of school." I laughed. "Do you remember in 3rd grade when Grace called my hair ugly, and later that day you tried to cut my hair?" Luke laughed. "Yeah, and you tried mine? We looked like maniacs." I giggled. "You looked like a maniac, I was pretty good looking." He smiled. "Also there was that one time when I chucked the ball at Sofie because I thought she was cute, and she tattled on me." I twirled my hair. "Then I took the blame because you started to cry." He bit his lip. "Did not." "Did too!" "Did not!" "I didn't do it Mrs. Green! It fell from the sky!" " I never said that!" "Your second grade self did!" We both started to laugh together. "And on Halloween last year we went as Gerard Way and Mikey Way and you overdosed on chocolate!" I laughed out as he smiled. "And you held back my wig when I was puking in a bush." He said as I started to break down in laughing fits. I looked at my phone. The small screen said: 12:03. "Luke, it's 12. I think I should go back." I said, getting ready to lower myself down. "Ok. I'll see you tomorrow then, I guess." He responded to me as my feet touched the ground. "Bye, Puke." I said to him as he laughed. "Bye, Lemon." He said, hopping on his bike. I waved and climbed through my window. I must have got in the house at the right time because I heard my downstairs door slam and my mom March up the stairs. She blasted my door open. "Hey sweetie!" She said, standing in the doorstep. That's what's good about my mom. She never lets her anger out on me. "What are you doing?" I asked her, seeing she was digging through my closet. She pulled out a suitcase and plopped it on my bed. "Sorry that this is such a late notice, but we are moving tomorrow at 10. I already bought a nice house in a nice neighborhood." She pulled out some more boxes and suitcases. "Try to work fast." She told me, throwing my books in the boxes. "What about Australia?" I asked her as she sighed. "Los Angeles will be wonderful, Lucy, I promise. We can make it through this together." I nodded. "Can I keep in touch with Luke?" I asked her, tears filling my eyes. My mom nodded. "Everyday. I heard that Apple is coming out with some new products so you two can talk." I pulled my hair in a pony tail. "Ok mom. I'll speed it up." She walked to her room and slammed the door. I don't even know what my life will be without Luke.

                                              *the next morning*

    It was almost 10. My mom and I's flight left at 11. We rarely got any sleep and were about to leave. My dad left last night and I haven't seen him since. I grabbed Josie's collar and lifted her into the car. My mom walked out of the house for a second and saw Josie. She immediately put her back in the house. "Mom, why can't we bring her?" I asked as my mom sighed. "Baby, I wish we could. Daddy will take care of her, I promise." I sat in the front seat with my head down. My mom locked the door and sat in the seat next to me. The last minute moving van had already taken all our stuff at 6, so all I and was my iPod and my phone. I don't even know how my mom managed to get a last minute flight, moving van and house. She must have saw how upset I was. "I told Liz last night. Want to stop and say goodbye?" I shrugged. But before I knew it, I was in the Hemming's driveway. I walked up to the door and Jack answered. He was going to be a freshman, but for some reason he didn't like me. "Luke! Your girlfriend's here!" He shouted as Luke came down the stairs. Liz slowly followed out the door afterwords. She pulled me into a hug. "Luke will miss you so much. You guys have to keep in touch, got it?" I nodded. "Got it." She walked over to my mom, who was telling Liz what happened last night. Like grabbed my hand and sat me on the bench in front of his house. "Luke, I'll miss you so much. I wanted to be in High School with you and all of the other grades. But I just wanted to tell you that I'll never forget you." He blushed. "Lucy, I will you so much. I just want to tell you that I really like you." I smiled. "I like you, too." He laughed. "I mean, like, I have had a crush on you for a while now." Before this, I've only seen Luke as a friend. "One question." He asked me as I glared at him. "What?" He smiled at me. "Have you kissed anyone yet?" I shook my head. "No why..." I was cut off. He grabbed my head and his lips touched mine. If he was doing this any other time, I would pull my head back and slap him across his baby face. But honestly, I was enjoying it. After a few seconds, I coiled my head back. "Luke, I will never forget you after that. Now we won't forget because we are both each other's first kisses." His cheeks turned a cute shade of pink. "I'll never forget you either, Lucy. Goodbye. I'll miss you." I waved to Ben and Jack and said goodbye to Liz again. As my mom began to pull off, Luke started running next to the car. "Lucy! Don't forget to visit! We still need to see the Penguins and save them!" I stuck my head out the window. "I'll come and visit soon! I'll try to find some in California! Bye Luke!" I screamed at him, waving frantically. He waved back. "Bye Lucy!" I sat back in the seat. Before I knew it, my life was going to change for the worst.

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