when these used to be best friends get separated, they changed into the bad boy and the "nerdy emo." But what brings them back together can show that people change, but love may not.


5. ~4~



Luke's P.O.V

"Wow, you really fucked up, dude." Calum spoke as I put my head on my knees. "I don't know what came over me. We need to go." Michael looked at me. "But why? She means nothing to any of us except you..." He slowly stopped when he saw the flames rise in my eyes. I stood up and grabbed him by the collar. "Alright you little fucking bitch. She is a better person than you'll ever be. She's the reason we're friends, asshole." I tossed him on the ground. "Luke, I'm not your dog." I kicked the ground and saw the dirt sputter everywhere. "My dogs dead. I'm going." I spat as I climbed up the small, steep hill. "Where?" Michael questioned as I turned around and looked back at him for a brief second. "Home."


Calum's P.O.V

I watch Luke make his way up the hill and disappear. Ashton was missing, and that made it just Michael and I. "So, I'm gonna get some pizza and watch Netflix. If you wanna come you can." He said, as he started to walk up the hill. "Michael, we are following him. Don't you see how much she means to him?" His lips cracked open. "That was a rhetorical question. But like I was saying, I've never seen Luke have a breakdown like that, and even lift you up by the shirt. So are you with me or not?" He shrugged. "I said, ARE YOU WITH ME OR NOT!" I yelled as he stepped back, and rubbed his neck. "Yeah, let's go." He mumbled as we both climbed up the hill, and were on our way to Luke's.


Lucy's P.O.V

The blood. The blades. It felt great. All the stress, pain and eagerness just floated away. I grabbed a tissue and cleaned the tip of the blades, and put them back into their small case. The blood was still dripping, but I just grabbed another tissue and laid it on top of the two little marks. I took the bracelets and wrapped them back on my arm. I cringed at the pain, but it looked normal now. I looked down at my leg. Another problem. Dried blood was caked onto the edge of rip of the pants, and the small wound looked infected. I looked through the cabinet and tried to find the first aid kit. I thought about getting another pair of pants, but then I remembered that all my stuff wasn't coming until later this weekend. Shit. Maybe Liz had some pants? Nah, I wouldn't want to be a bother. I found a small white box filled with gauss, bandages and cream. I wrapped my leg in the gauss and heard a knock at the door. I jolted, and let out a whimper. I expected Liz to be standing there, but it wasn't. "Hey, you don't have to be scared." A tall, brown hairs figure pushed the door open. Ashton. "Um, hey. How did you,um, get in?" I asked, anticipating an answer. Instead his eyes wondered around the bathroom. Small splotches of blood were scattered on the sink. After a few minutes of awkward silence, I received an answer. "Liz let me in. To her I'm the most "innocent" one in the group." He flashed me a smile. I let out a fake giggle. "But I'm really not." His voice went to playful to stern really fast. "Um, okay." My voice fluttered as I grabbed a small piece of toilet paper and started to wipe the blood off the sink counter. He grabbed my wrists, making the pressure on my cuts sting. He handed me my bracelets. "Let me do it." I started to attach the various pieces of string, until he spoke again. "You're really pretty. I don't understand why you do this to yourself." I shrugged. "I'm not pretty, and that's another reason why I do it." He looked up at me. "Another reason? How many reasons are there?" I gulped. "Many." I looked down at his arms. Bracelets. Before I could ask another any other questions,he cut me off. "I cut sometimes, as relaxation. It helps sooth the nerves, ya know?" His thick Australian accent was so sexy. "I guess." He put the red and white paper in the trash can. "Now since that's over with." He took off his glasses and set them on the sink. He pushed me up against the white wall. "What the bloody hell are you doing? I literally just met you!" He gave me a smile. "That doesn't matter." He pushed his lips on mine. My first expression was "HOLY SHIT NOPE" with large eyes open. Then I started to enjoy it. I closed my eyes and we started to make out for a good few minutes, until he pulled away. "What was that for..." He drug me out of the bathroom and onto my bed. He laid down and I bit my lip. I haven't been this sexually active forever. He gestured me over to him and climbed onto his chest. I pulled off his shirt. I don't know what's gotten into me. He pulled off the ripped pants I had on, only to leave me in my Victoria's Secret panties. I pulled purple and white hair out of its ponytail, and lifted off my shirt, now showing the undies matching red velvet top. My lips started to touch his again and I started to unbutton his pants. The door started to creak open slowly. "Don't be Liz, don't be Liz," was replaying in the back of my head. "Hey Lucy I just wanted to see if you were okaY WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!?" Luke slammed the door wide open, cracking the plaster wall. I lifted my lips off Ashton's. I grabbed my shirt and covered my bra. The room was silent. "Hey Luke, what's good?" Ashton smiled, and let out a worried giggle. "What's good? WhATS GOOD?!? I WALK FUCKING IN TO FIND YOU RAPING MY GIRLFRIEND!" I let out a gasp. "Girlfriend?" Ashton and I spoke in sync. "Yeah. That's why you came home, right? You're mom is actually still alive and you were just lying to confess your love for me. I know I'm right." I lifted my shirt over my head, and marched off the bed over to Luke. I was bright red now, and really pissed off. "Really you crazy bitch ass douchebag! Luke, what do you think this is? A fucking fanfiction?" He shrugged. "Yeah, kinda." I slapped him across the face. "Really? Because my whole family is dead! And I would never ever never be your girlfriend after what you've became! You've change, and I can't fix that!" I growled. "I'm just gonna let myself out." Ashton said, starting to walk out the door. "No! I'm not done with you Ashton." Luke said as rolled my eyes. "Let him leave. I'll see you later, Ash." He smiled and winked at me. "Bye, love." He closed the door and Luke looked at me sympathetically. "Get out." I said, walking over to the bed. "Come on, Lucy." He gently spoke, and I turned red again. "GET. THE. FUCK. OUT!" I could see the tears well in his eyes. "What a pussy." I thought, as he started to walk out the door. "O-okay, b-bye." He mumbled, closing the door behind him. After he closed it, all you could hear "WHY DOES'NT SHE LOVE ME?!" And a door slam. I smiled to myself, because of how he was acting like a toddler. I felt horrible now, and slowly just wanted to roll into a ball and cry because of the way I just treated him. I sighed and got off my bed. I opened the door and walked down the hall to his room. I knocked on it lightly. "Hey, Luke." 🔶🔹🔶




hi guys. It's been a while. So I'm going to make some new characters, so if you want to be in this, comment your characters name, gender, hair color, eye color, personality, traits or any special talents. Love you guys and thanks for 3K! -Lili 💚✌🏻️

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