when these used to be best friends get separated, they changed into the bad boy and the "nerdy emo." But what brings them back together can show that people change, but love may not.


4. ~3~

Lucy's P.O.V

"Are we there yet?!" Ashton groaned as I rolled my eyes. The three stooges have been following me for about 20 minutes now and about 110% of the time they've been complaining. No "wow Lucy how was LA?" Or "did you ever meet Justin Bieber?" Zip. Zero. Zada. Nothing. "Jesus Christ, guys! I know where I'm going! I've known that boy for years!" I heard a sigh. "Then you left him. And that's why he's upset." Calum muttered as I stopped and turned around. "Its not fault my parents fought!" I growled as Michael shrugged. "They found your dad dead in an alley, Lucy." He spoke, voice soft. I sucked in a breath of air. "Well, my whole family is dead now." Calum looked at me with big sad eyes. "I'm sorry, L." I turned back around and started walking over branches and rocks. Right as I planned, Luke was sitting at the edge of creek, tossing small rocks and watching them slowly sink. We used to come here a lot to hang out, and mainly just talk. "Hey." I said as he turned around. The boys tried to make it down the hill as I made it down in a hop, skip and a jump. Luke was silent. He looked great. Great couldn't even describe. I mean sexy as fuck. He was wearing a black shirt covered by a leather jacket, and black jeans. He had on clunky black boots and his blue eyes were still dazzling. "You changed." He whispered as I nodded. "Nothing lasts for ever, nothing stays the same." He skimmed his hand through the water. "You, you left me." I bit my lip. "Luke, it wasn't my fault. I told you the night before I left that my parents were fighting and..." I let out a shaky breathe. "They're both dead now." I wanted the hot tears to stream down my face, but I didn't want to look like a child. "I'm sorry." He spoke, voice sounding softer than a cloud. We haven't had actual correct eye contact for a while, and I wanted to look at his eyes so bad. All I remember from my childhood is his dashing blue eyes. "Lucy?" He asked as I felt his hand of my back. I looked up and just started look into his eyes. Silence. I could see into his soul. I could see his Adam's apple in his throat drop. "Something about you hasn't changed." He shakily spoke, as I was still connected to his eyes. "What?" He smiled, showing his straight white teeth. "Those god Damn eyes." I pushed the hair out of my eye. "Yours haven't either, Mr. Big Shot." He laughed as I bit my lip. "So um, how's life?" He asked as I shrugged. "Well, my mom just died and...." He cut me off. "Well, I can't do anything about that. They're dead, and things like that just doesn't change, Lucy." I felt like something snapped inside in me. My cheeks turned red, and the short happiness I had faded to anger. "You fucking douchebag!" I screamed as his eyes got huge. Michael, Calum and Ashton were just throwing rocks at each other, but now they seemed more interested. "Lucy, I didn't mean it like that.." He quivered as hot tears of betrayal ran down my face. "Luke! You still have a mom and a dad!" I screamed as I stood up. "Well, my dad doesn't even act like a good parent! He left my mom when I was five! Five! And rarely even visits us! We're both broken! And you know that! That's how we became friends!" I could see the tears starting to well in his eyes. "I wish I never met you!" My heart stopped, as I slowly regretted want just came out of my mouth. Luke was silent, and so were the other boys. I ran up the small hill, and tripped over a root. I let out a yelp and looked down at my leg. My pants had a rip through them, and underneath a large cut. I mumbled a swear to myself, and decided to run back to the house. I can't even ever qualify it as my home, because I have no home anymore. Luke was right. I am broken. I just kept running up the old, cracked sidewalk and let the tears stream down my face. I haven't cried in so long, and it felt so good to get it out. I regret not having on waterproof mascara, but I finally reached the door. I burst it open and Liz looked up from her papers. "What's wrong, love?" She asked as I just darted up the stairs. I reached my bedroom and grabbed my backpack. There was no bathroom in my room, and the only one was in the hallway. I raced into the small room and unzipped my backpack. There they were, in the small metal box. My blades. I tore off my bracelets and threw them against the wall. I took out the small metal tool and pressed it against my clean skin. The blade pierced in arm, and blood doused the surface. The blood looked like the red juice that slips down the white inside of an apple, which was what my arm looked like. "One cut for you, mom." I murmured as I took it out and started the second pierce. "And that's one cut for Luke."





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