when these used to be best friends get separated, they changed into the bad boy and the "nerdy emo." But what brings them back together can show that people change, but love may not.


2. ~1~

Lucy's P.O.V

    "You're behavior is becoming a problem, Lucy!" My mom yelled as I slumped in my seat. "No it's not." I mumbled as she just shook her head in disgust. "You punched a girl in the face!" She raged as I just but my lip. "She called me an emo freak!" I was now yelling, and my mom looked a little scared. "You don't then just sucker punch her in the face! You earned yourself two weeks of detention!" I moved the strands of hair that were dangling out of my face behind my ear. I hate my life. My name is Lucy Reynolds and I'm 17 years old. I just started my senior year of high school and it fucking sucks. All people do is make fun of me and tease me, and I tend to get physical. All of my life, I only had one true respectful friend. He lives across the world now, memories of us probably faded. My image tends to set the "emo freak" tone. I have bleached hair with dyed purple strips, and the one thing that hasn't changed about me were my eyes. They always have seemed large, and had an assortment of colors. My mom and I used to be close when I was in 7th grade and still living with my dad in Australia, but now she kinda hates me. I changed because of the people, the crowd. The world slowly crumbling around me. I woke up from my thoughts and saw my mom was still spazzing at me. "Were you even listening?" She questioned as I nodded. "Kinda, but I would feel better if you refrained it again." She let out a groan. "This is why no one likes you! This is why you have no friends!" She screamed as I growled. "This is why your a horrible mother! I'm so done of not talking back to you! I'm your daughter! You're not supposed to treat me like this!" I spat out, as she death stared me. "Don't speak like that to me!" The car swerved. I looked out the wind shield and saw bright lights. "Mom, watch out!" I yelled as she looked up and the road. She tried to move, but it was too late. After one scream, it all faded to black.

*later that day*

Lucy's P.O.V

    My heart raced. I popped my eyes open and looked around where I was at. I was surrounded by nurses and bright lights. The nurses were observing me, pens and notepads in their hands. "Who the hell are you guys? Where am I?" I was starting to hyperventilate. "Sweetie, calm down. You're okay." One of the nurses cooed. My leg killed and so did my head. "Is my mom ok?" One of the nurses sighed. "Miss, I'm sorry but you're passed away at 1:58 this morning." I gulped. "What time is it now?" I asked, voice shaking. "It's 8:35, dear." I buried my face in my palms. "What happened?" A nurse came over and sat on the tip of my hospital bed. "Well, a truck rammed into your mothers side of the car. You're okay, only a few slight injuries and a minor concussion. You could go home today." I gave her a confused look. "What do you mean by "could?" The nurse sighed again. "Well, your father disappeared, your mother's parents are deceased and she was also an only child. So, we are sending you on a plane in about an hour." Please don't be boarding school, please don't be boarding school. "To where, exactly?" She laughed. "Oh, I forgot. You are going to live in Australia with your mother's close friend, Liz Hemmings." My heart dropped. Luke. "Aren't I old enough to live by myself?" I questioned as the lady frowned. "Next year. But we already have people packing and shipping your stuff to Australia." I was just silent. People were taking and shipping things from my house back across the world. The lady handed me my neatly folded clothes, as I was only in a hospital gown, and my iPhone. The black screen only had a small crack next to the white framing. "We washed your clothing and found your cell phone. I'll leave you alone to get dressed and ready and I'll come back later for when we need to leave for the airport." I nodded and got up out of the bed. I threw on the black jeans I had on earlier, tossing my all time low shirt over my head. I saw my backpack slouched against the bed, so I grabbed it and laid it out on top of the bed. I grabbed the comb they laid out and slowly combed my hair over. In what felt about a few minutes, the lady came back. "Hi sweetie. Ready?" I nodded and grabbed my phone of the table. I walked down the shiny, long hallway and saw death at every door. I hated hospitals, because they always reminded me of death and sadness at every corner. She took my outside, in which I received a nice breeze of cold air. Los Angeles was like this in the fall. Not extremely cold, but not that hot either. I sat in the backseat of the nurses car and pushed my earbuds in my ear. I scrolled through my endless list of songs and finally found Weightless  by All Time Low. We started to drive down the familiar streets of Los Angeles that I may never see again. "It might not be my weekend, but it's gonna be my year." I sang lightly to myself, still looking at my old home. LAX wasn't that far from the hospital, so we were there before I knew it. I was on "Jasey Rae" by the time the car stopped outside the airport. "That's quite a voice you've got there." The lady said to me as I rolled my eyes. "I've got bigger plans that no one else understands. I want to be a singer, but my mom never believed in me." The nurse sighed. "Hey, you've got a shot though." She handed me my boarding pass. "Have a safe trip." I grabbed the pass and hopped out the car. I waved at her and threw the bag over my shoulder. I checked into the airport and made my way to my gate. I had at least 15 minutes until boarding time, so I ran over to Starbucks and grabbed a caramel latte and a panini. I found an open spot by itself, so I sat in the chair. My phone let out a buzz and I pulled it out of my back pocket. It was from Brayden. Brayden was my sorta friend. I've known him since I moved to LA, and we had an on and off friendship. He was kinda one of the reasons why I changed. He would spread horrible rumors about me one week, and the next week kiss my ass. We even tried dating each other, but it got awkward. And then he noticed he was gay. Luke and I would never fight, except we would bicker so times. You're probably thinking "oh, Luke probably doesn't remember her" or "she has an obsession with him." But, no. I've only thought about Luke this much because I get to see him again. But going back to the Brayden subject, we are friends this week. I think. My screen said "Brayden🖕💩: why the hell were your not in English? You know it's fun Friday and coo-coo Ms. Howey tells stories of the swinging 60's!" I giggled and texted back: "I'm moving and going to a different school" it wasn't a long time before he texted back. "fuck you, why?" I laughed to myself a little and texted back. "my mom and i got into a accident and she died :(" I don't know why I wasn't majorly upset about this. A normal child would be bawling there eyes out, but then I remembered I wasn't normal. "aw, boo. I feel horrible. we'll miss you here, lovey. I gotta go before Ms. Bitchlott catches me with my phone. fly safe💖💖💖" I smiled. "Bye, bray. I'll text you when I get there. Bye💚❤️" I knew he was lying. No one in that dumbass school will ever miss me. My seating group was finally called and I made my way on the plane. Here I was, about to fly across the world. I had a window seat, and I put my earbuds back in. Panic! At The Disco's song "Nine in the afternoon" came on shuffle and I leaned my head against the window. Thoughts rushed through my head. Well, my mom is dead. So is my whole entire family, maybe except my dad. I'm going back to my hometown that I haven't been to since the seventh grade. I'm going home to see my old best friend. I closed one eye, and before I knew it, I faded to sleep. 🕒Skipping Flight🕒 I felt the plane vibrate as it the ground. I opened an eye and looked out the window. We had landed, and here it was only 1:23pm here. Usually that would have been only a few hours back in LA, but the time zones are really messed up. I grabbed my backpack and walked out the plane door. I walked across the baggage claim area and saw a middle aged lady on her phone. She looked up and saw me, instantly smiling. "Is that really you, Lucy?" She asked me as I nodded. "Just me. Lucy Reynolds." She gave me a hug. "You've got so much older and mature!" I bit my lip. "I guess I did." She grabbed my hand. "I have a surprise for you!!" She dragged me out to her car, which was the same white Subaru she had when I was growing up. I sat in the front seat next to her and she started to drive off. So many old memories flushed through my head. "So what's the surprise?" I asked, rubbing the back of my neck. She smiled again. "Well, first, all your stuff is coming early tomorrow morning, and also that you start school with Luke on Monday." I gulped. Yay, school. "That's cool." I tried to sound casual, but failed horribly. "Well, you're surprise is right around the corner." It was a little animal shelter. It was the same shelter were my dad bought my first dog. "Since you had to leave your dog back in Australia when you left, you can pick out a new one!" My mouth dropped open. "Liz! You really don't have to!" I laughed out. She smiled at me again. "This is kinda Luke's present, too. Molly passed away last month." I frowned. I loved Molly so much. "Aw, I'm sorry." She sighed. "Yeah, Luke was pretty bummed. He hides his emotions so well now, you really don't know he feels." She parked the car. "I know how that feels." I hopped out of the car and started to walk to the door. I held the door open for her and was greeted by the smell of dog hair. A smiley lady sat at the front desk. "Hi! What can I help you guys with?" She said, white teeth blaring. "We are looking for a puppy." Liz added in, as I nodded along with her. "Well, let me help you guys out there! Follow me!" My voice sounded so flat compared to hers. She led us back to a small room filled with barks and growls. I looked around the room and mainly saw quiet puppy's playing with their family. But one special pup caught my eye. He was blondish-yellow with gold ears. He had a white patch in the middle of his chest and jet black eyes. The thing I liked about him was he was attacking the cocker spaniel next to him. I pointed at the dog and showed Liz. "What about that one?" She asked, referring to the dog I was pointing at. "That one? He's a little, rambunctious." She questioned as Liz looked at me. I nodded like I was a little kid in a candy shop. "Yes. That one." The lady pulled him out and handed him to me. He squirmed for a moment and then stopped. He snuggled into my chest, letting out small snorts. "How much?" Liz asked, pulling out her wallet. "25, please. Anything that can get him out of here." She paid the lady, and she handed her a leash, collar and a bag of dog food. "Good luck." She murmured as we walked back to the car. Liz put the stuff in the truck and I snuggled in the passenger seat with the puppy. "What name suits you?" I asked him as he licked my face. "How about Charlie?" He licked my face and Liz got back into the car. "Charlie sounds great." She said as I smiled. "Charlie it is." She started the car and drove out of the parking lot. "We have to head back. Luke and his friends would be back soon, and they would probably want food." I nodded and just kept cuddling Charlie. I looked out the window and saw all the old street signs. More memories flooded my head, and then my most saddest part hit. We drove past my old house and saw a new family lived there. A little boy who looked maybe about 8 sat on the front lawn, throwing a baseball to a golden retriever. I sighed to myself and just kept staring at my surroundings. We finally made it. The Hemmings house. The driveway was empty, and the door was closed. Thank god. Luke wasn't there yet. I got back out of the car with Charlie, helping Liz with the stuff in the the back. As she opened the house door, I could see things have changed around there. Pictures of Ben in a tuxedo, some of Jack and another girl and awkward teen photos of Luke. I mean at least mine didn't look THAT bad. He had on bright green sunglasses. Bright. Fucking. Green. But what I noticed first was Liz still had the same photo hanging up in the living room. The photo was of Luke and I at this campground our parents took us to the summer before I left. The poses we were in were so weird, as I we were awkwardly leaning up against a wall. I set Charlie on the floor and sat at the bar table. I looked over at Liz, who was making some kind of sandwiches. I heard loud screaming combing from outside the door. "I mean she wasn't that hot, dude." A voice screamed. "At least I had a girl." A voice mumbled. "Hey! Kailyn wanted a break." I heard a groan. "So did blink. Are they a band anymore? No." I then heard a lot of rustling. "God damn keys." The door popped open and I turned around. Standing there was a boy with blondish-brown hair, a boy with red hair, one with rustled brown hair and the last one had black hair with a blonde streak. Charlie trotted up to them and they bent down to play with him. I was surprised because they had on black and leather jackets, which I thought they would kill him. Guess I was just stereotypical. "Luke, I didn't know you had another dog." The blonde streaked boy said as who I think was Luke stood up. "Neither did I-" He was cut off by our eye to eye contact. He was silent, and so was I. The other boys stood up and looked at me, too. Liz just kind of stared at us like we were crazy. "Luke, who the hell is that?" He was just silent. "I um, have to go!" I screamed, not really loud, but decently loud. "I um, have to go to the bathroom!" He yelled as he looked around like he had no clue where it was. Please remember that we were in his HOUSE. I darted up the stairs and disappeared.🔹🔹🔹


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