How to Treat Common Digestive Problems with Homeopathy


1. How to Treat Common Digestive Problems with Homeopathy

Today’s conditions have shown stress as one of the major contributors to affect our everyday lives. Time tables are turned and you experience lack of sleep and eating deficiencies. Stress can also compel you to drink, smoke and harm your health and wellbeing. It can be a cause of ulcer, kidney failure, eating disorder and other complications.

Some people also take comfort from food when they are under stress which causes a lot of digestive problems. Common digestive problems include dyspepsia and gastric acid complaints. According to reviews, 21 million Americans suffer from indigestion, a majority of which have imbalanced health practices.

Many analysts and experts suggest the use of homeopathy, along with change in eating system for treatment of any digestive problems. The Peterson Group, a non-profit organization focusing on the effects of alternative, complementary and integrative medicines, stayed that homeopathic treatments have been able to cure the underlying factors of the disorder and not just the symptoms and eliminate it entirely. It also helps that this treatment uses gentle and relieving measures for effectiveness.

Some of the treatments for specific digestive problems are as follows:

1. Dyspepsia

This is a pain felt in the upper part of the abdomen when a person has been deprived of food for a long time. It comes at any age and can be dangerous. Warnings from WHO show the negligence to treat dyspepsia can cause burning of the abdomen, thus creating internal bruises which can worsen. Treatments include:

• Nux Vomica

It is well known as remedy for overindulgence. It eases the pain felt after an hour of two of eating in the midst of dyspepsia.

• Phosphorus

This is used for people who vomit their food because of dyspepsia. It eases down the tendency to vomit and calms the nerves.

2. Diarrhea

Diarrhea is common to all of us and we all may have already experienced it one time or another. The individual may feel drained and weak, the result of large amount of electrolyte loss. Replacement of electrolyte is the main cure but homeopathy can also help through:

• Sulphur

This is useful for people who are forced out of bed every morning, often at 5 or 6am, by a sudden desire to open the bowels. The motions are loose and extremely offensive. This is the most used remedy for diarrhea in developing cities and is abundant in Jakarta, Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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