The Dark Lord

This is based on Harry's Fifth year at Hogwarts.The news that the Dark Lord is back spreads to the muggle world and soon, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood join the fight with the Golden Trio to fight against the Dark Lord.


1. The Death Eaters

"But Potter has escaped again, my lord!" Said Bellatrix

The Death Eaters and their master, He who must not be named, were in a meeting about killing their biggest enemy, a 16 year old boy named Harry Potter.

"Lucius, check how many Death Eater I have left" Said the dark lord in a snake-like voice.

"That would around 300, My lord" Said Lucius Malfoy, sitting with his wife and his son, Draco.

"And how many ministry wizards would be stationed in the Ministry, Bellatrix?"

"Around 250, my lord" Said a women with dirty hair and a smile on her face."May I ask why, my lord?"

"We are going to take over the ministry" The Dark lord replied.Many Death Eaters agreed with it while many looked disappointed for coming up with such an idea.The ministry is lined up with the most strongest wizards with traps set all over the place.It would be an miracle if the Death Eaters won, but The Dark Lord knew better

"I shall alone enter the ministry, kill a fair few hundred wizards and the minister and Sit in the throne of the minister" He said with a smile."The thing I am concerned about is, after I become the minister, the word obi oily spreads, wizards and witches will go to hiding, Which would be difficult to kill Potter"

"Sir, I think it would be easy to kill Potter as after your the minister, even if Potter is in hiding, we outnumber him" Said A man named Dolohov.

"Yes I hope so, Now if you don't mind, I have to takeover the ministry, Meet me in the minister after you see the dark mark"

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