letters to harry

you can't destroy me,
because i destroy myself,
These letters are my untold stories.
What will mika do to get harry back after he sees her letters?How does he find them?Will he ruin his chances?


1. untold storys

Harry styles. That name, had brought me a lot of pain, pain that would never go away. Always there to remind me of my broken heart. He left me alone in a messed up world. I had no one.  That's not at all why i'm mad at him though. It was his words he said to me when he left.

i'm sorry but you can't go on tour with me, i'll have no time to talk to you so it's better if you stay here babe, i love you alot and we will facetime every night okay?I will never forget about you, i will come visit you  every two months okay?" harry said.

He said it with no emotions. 

"okay, i love you too." i said with tears brimming in my eyes.

2 years ago.That was the last time i heard from harry or seen of him. He didn't answer anything, the only time i got to see him was on tv. He had a new girlfriend, she looked like a slut how could he date someone like that? He has changed a lot, and if he came back, i honestly don't know what i'd do. He changed me i built so many walls up to protect myself. 





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