letters to harry

you can't destroy me,
because i destroy myself,
These letters are my untold stories.
What will mika do to get harry back after he sees her letters?How does he find them?Will he ruin his chances?


16. Oh no

Harry's pov

Its been a 2 years and i still cant find her, i'm done, i'm giving up. She could be dead for all I know, now i'm crying.All she wanted was a loyal boyfriend, someone to love her and I failed at doing that and now she is gone forever. I am now on tour in Australia with my band circling the isles of Target for water balloons when I saw her, I think. 

Mikas pov

Harry still hasn't found me yet, what a shame. While he was looking for me i moved to Australia, got a job being a model for a clothing line and lived in a pretty nice house, and still haven't had a boyfriend. Its kinda sad right? Well right now i was walking down the isle to find some water balloons because i'm having a beach party, I finally got some more friends, GO ME!!!!!! When I looked to the left that's when everything went downhill.


Since you guys wanted to know what she looks like here you go

Mika is ......



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