letters to harry

you can't destroy me,
because i destroy myself,
These letters are my untold stories.
What will mika do to get harry back after he sees her letters?How does he find them?Will he ruin his chances?


2. about me


I've only had one boyfriend after harry.He did things i would never forget. My dad left my mom two years ago and i haven't seen or talked to him since. My mom well she is depressed, and i don't know how to help. I'm in my last year of high school and all i can say is that i'm glad it's almost over, i mean i wasn't popular but i had friends maybe only one or two but at least there true ones. I lived in london in a big house because my dad made a lot of money, doing who knows what and my mom does too she works for a music company they set up events and tours with famous rock stars, well that's what she told me.  I started writing letters to harry but never sent them. I plan to though when i find out his address,if it ever happens.




                                  Letters to Harry

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