letters to harry

you can't destroy me,
because i destroy myself,
These letters are my untold stories.
What will mika do to get harry back after he sees her letters?How does he find them?Will he ruin his chances?


15. 7/17/15


Still the same day 2 hours before i drop this off.

It will get delivered to your dressing room.

Don't question how cause its useless now.

My last words in theses letters to you will be hard to write sorry if it's stained with tears,

"Goodbye, my almost lover, Goodbye, my hopeless dream   I'm trying not to think about you,
So long, my luckless romance,
My back is turned on you,
Should've known you'd bring me heartache,
Almost lovers always do".


,Gone girl.     


Harry was shocked. That was the last letter. She was gone. The clues were worthless.


Hey guys if you want to know what song those were from it was youth by daughter and Almost lover by A fine frenzy. 

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