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Hey Guys, I have this book on my rarely active Wattpad, and thought I'd bring it over here to see how it'll turn out. You guys want a one-shot? Tell me in the comments and I'll write it! For more info, see the first chapter!


4. Slytherin Pride (Draco Malfoy x Reader) (Requested by Deatheater61103)

Draco x Reader for Deatheater61103
  (Y/N) Means your name, it's only used once, but you should probably remember it.


You were late for class again. Thankfully, you had potions with professor Snape, so you wouldn't get as many points taken away from Slytherin, if any at all. You got to the dungeons, and sat down in the only available seat, the one in front of Draco Malfoy. Sitting in front of him, you took out your parchment and quills to copy down what you could of the note on the blackboard. 

"Hey mudblood," He sneered at you. "Can you move your fat head? I can't see."

"For starters, I'm a pureblood," You snapped back, you liked him but you certainly weren't going to show it. "Second, maybe you can't see because you're too short. Haven't hit puberty yet sweety?"

Draco flushed red, though you couldn't tell if it was embarrassment or anger. "My father will hear about this!"

"Oh we have a daddy's boy, do we?" You mocked, not brave enough to admit your feelings, but still craving some sort of attention.

"Please keep your sweet nothings out of my classroom from now on," Snape warned the two of you, and you both fell silent for the remainder of the class.

Later that day, you sat in the great hall with your friends, eating the large meal laid out before you. Midway through the meal, one of Draco's friends, Goyle, if you remembered correctly, came over to you and your friends.

"Hi, Goyle, is it?" You greeted cheerfully.

"Yes, hi," he returned your greeting with a little less cheer. "I came over to ask if you know Draco Malfoy?"

"Yeah, I know him," you reply with a sly grin. "He's the daddy's boy blonde."

Goyle looked as though he was stifling a grin."He wanted me to ask you what your favourite flower is."

You gave him a puzzled look. "Tulips..."

He shrugged, as if to say he didn't know either. "That's all he wanted," and with that he left.

You dropped the subject and went back to eating and talking to your friends. That night you went to bed late, infact, the only ones who went to bed later than you were Draco and his friends who were talking quietly in the corner. 

The next morning, your friends informed you that there was something on the door for you. Confused, you got up and opened the door, where you saw a bouquet attached to the door. You picked it up and saw that it was a bouquet made of tulips and gardenias. There was a note inside the flowers, you opened the note. It read;


Dearest (Y/N),

I hope you like them. Tulips are your favourite, right? Did you know that they mean perfect love? I thought I'd add some gardenias, as they mean sincerity. I wanted you to know that I'm sincere when I ask this: will you go out with me?

With love,

Draco Malfoy


You blushed, and took the flowers inside placing them in a vase of water on your nightstand with the note sitting next to them. You got dressed and left the dormitory, but since it was Saturday you had no classes. As you walked into the common room, you spotted Draco in the corner. You decided you should probably talk to him.

"Hi," you greeted, smiling awkwardly.

"Hi," he was just as awkward. "Did...uh, did you get...?"

"The flowers?" You replied. "Yeah, I did."

"So...?" He asked hesitantly.

"It was very sweet," you told him. "So, yes."

"Want to go for a walk to the lake?" Draco asked, "I, uh, I hear it's very romantic."


As the two of you walked, you started to have some small talk. The two of you began to bond, and before either of you knew it, you were holding hands as you made your way to the lake. The pair of you continued until you sat together under a tree. That was where you had your first kiss. It was also the start of a long relationship.


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